Less than one week to go!

By now, one would think that I would have started packing at least some clothes for my upcoming trip. Wrong. The small corner of my room that contains things to pack is mostly made up of peanut butter, shoes, and bobby pins (the 3 most important things in life). Getting ready to go means filling out the 3-page long assessment that CIEE sent us, getting everything ready for Elon when I come back, and packing the 2 neon suitcases that are hopefully large enough to contain enough things for 5 months!

As the trip gets closer and closer, I’m getting a bit more worried about getting to Buenos Aires and not being to understand a word that Argentines say. Known for their “j” sound instead of a “ll” or “y,” I’m curious to see how I react when they talk. Fingers crossed, I’ll be able to get the gist of what they’re saying. In terms of my host family, there is good news! A fellow peer from Elon that I know from home recommended her host family to me, and we talked to the housing director of my program, and we were able to get it all worked out! I’ll be living in a family with a single mom who has two kids living at home, both around my age! I am so thrilled. I’ve been told to expect amazing food and super-fast internet, so needless to say, I’m more than excited to meet them!!

I’m also a bit worried about living in the city – I am a huge country girl. Give me a porch and rocking chair over the metro any day. Challenges await! There are officially FIVE days left before I go to Buenos Aires! Hold on to your hats…I have a feeling this is going to get crazy! Next time I write back, I’ll be sitting in my new home, and hopefully posting some pictures of the new environment around me!



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2 responses to “Less than one week to go!

  1. Nice blog! And from one country girl to another find the parks in BA. You will love them, they are great escapes and there is always something going on on the weekends. My favorites are los bosques de palermo (where they do yoga some mornings on the grass btw), parque centenario, and all around plaza francia. 🙂

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