Sorry, Mom and Dad…

…I may not ever come back from this country. I know this is my second blog post in one day, but I couldn’t resist. I was firmly told, before I came, to not fall in love and get married while I was abroad. Sadly, I must say that I’ve already done one of those things.

Pro: I didn’t get married.

Con: I fell in love. With the city.

Today, after spending a while in the hotel freshening up, a few of us went out to lunch. We found this cute empanada shop on a street and sat inside, enjoying the most delicious and tasty empanadas I’ve ever had. I had 1 chicken and 2 beef empanadas (since it is Argentina, I’ve accepted that I’ve got to take advantage of the beef here!). After being way too full with delicious food, we proceeded to find a cute little corner café (although I guess it wasn’t really little…) and sit down for a nice cup of coffee with medialunas, which are like a mix between crescents and croissants, with glaze brushed on the top and baked to a perfect crispy golden brown. Con café? ¡Buenísimo! After that, we walked around a bit more, went back to the hotel, walked around some more to walk off those medialunas…We then came upon some bookstores – if you know me at all, you know I’m a total bookworm and read nonfiction for pleasure during the summer. Needless to say, we spent a large chunk of time in the bookstore before coming back to the hotel to relax before dinner!

Sorry not sorry, I may have finally found where I want to be for a long, long time. Given that I’ve spent less than 12 hours in this city, and I’m already head over heels in love…we’re in for some trouble if I still have another 5 amazing months here 🙂

You know, mom and dad, getting married might just be the best excuse for me to move here…just kidding. Maybe.





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2 responses to “Sorry, Mom and Dad…

  1. Emily

    People told me EXACTLY the same thing before I left! I got so many warnings (and well wishers as well) about falling love with an Argentinian man and getting married etc etc. Didn’t happen for me (totally ok with this too haha) but hey best of luck to you! ; ) (sorry not sorry I’m going to be stalking your blog all semester)

  2. Mom

    Maybe that way I can come and live with you a while at a time and brush up on my Spanish.
    I bet you didn’t anticipate this response huh?
    Live Life, Love Life. Its a gift.

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