the girl in the alpaca hat

Today was another new experience for me! I woke up in the morning and had breakfast, and then headed straight to church at 11 am! The church is only a couple blocks away, and it was a beautiful sunny day outside, so it was perfect weather to walk to mass. The service was a normal Catholic service, but as it was all in Spanish, I struggled a big, especially with the prayers within the mass. There were 2 baptisms, which were adorable, and the entire mass lasted about an hour and a half. After getting back home, I had ravioli for lunch with my family and the little ones, who left later today! After clearing up a bit, I headed out to the Plaza de Mayo and San Telmo for some shopping at the street fair (which they have every Sunday).

The street fair was quite interesting…I am usually used to bargaining down prices to a little over half the price, but the vendors at this particular street fair were tough! However, I was able to buy a beautiful ring and an alpaca wool sweater! Also, my very favorite thing so far, a hat with ear flaps that has alpacas on it. And it gets even better – it’s reversible!! I am so excited to wear it during winter term and I hope everyone calls me the girl in the alpaca hat : ) Coming home was pretty easy, I didn’t get lost or have to ask for directions, and I made sure to come home before the sky even hinted at darkness.

All in all, a good day! Tomorrow the only orientation activity we have is a speaking exam at FLACSO, and mine isn’t until 3:15!




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  1. Mom

    Street fairs are the best places to find good bargains, and authentic native stuff. Glad you are getting the hang of living in Argentina. I would so have loved to be there. I love alpaca sweaters too. Stay warm.

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