big world, bigger city

Today was a fairly eventful day! In the morning, I slept in a little (until 9, which is like sleeping in for me!) and got to FLACSO around noon, where I had an orientation session on what classes I can/should take while I’m here. After that, a few of us hopped on the Subte to the Plaza de Mayo (my second home, been there so many times by now. by which i mean 3 times.) to go to the place to get visa things done! Before that we went to a little café to grab some lunch, where I had my first authentic Argentine alfajor (a delicious snackie which is like soft sweet cookie/bready pieces filled with dulce de leche, and, in my case, covered in chocolate) and a sandwich “de miga” (the inside part of bread, without the crust). After lunch, we went and handed in our passport copies and paid another fee for our visas.

Afterwards, a few of us walked around for a bit and found a cute and well-priced jewelry store that sold all sorts of cute things. How nice that this city is so huge that we’re able to go explore a different part of it every day! After some light shopping, I headed back to the area around FLACSO to meet up with a friend from Elon who is here doing an internship for the summer! We went to a donut place, which she said is probably the only donut place in Buenos Aires, so lucky me, knowing where it is now! On the way to meet my friend (I took the Subte – look how great I am at being a city girl!! Everyone, be proud!), there were 4 students in the same Subte car as me – and they were being very, very obvious. Speaking in English (loudly), and making a big deal when the car got really crowded, I tried to step away from them a bit, not wanting to be near such an obviously American group. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love America and all, but really?? We are in South America, not your sweet home Alabama. Let’s be honest, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and either speak Spanish in crowded public places, or not speak at all.

Now for the most exciting part – I took the colectivo (bus) alone for the first time EVER today!! I was so nervous! I hopped on and told the bus driver to tell me when we were at my stop. While I was waiting on the bus (standing of course, seeing as it was crowded beyond belief), an older woman started shuffling through her things and saying that her wallet was gone. She said that she had it when she got on the bus, but it was no longer in her purse, and that her credit cards and all of her documentos (which in this case would mean ID, etc.) had been in her wallet. Naturally, this worried me, so I made sure to check that my jacket was covering my bag and that I kept my hand on it the whole time (since I had to travel with my passport today to take to get my visa, I was especially cautious at all times). Thankfully, I hopped off at my stop about a block away from my house without being inconspicuously robbed! (Can you tell how excited I am that I rode the bus alone?)

Piropo count: 5 (it seems there may be a direct correlation with my jacket color and the amount of piropos I endure – today I wore a darker color). Tomorrow I only have one thing at FLACSO, at 2 pm, for one hour! So hopefully I can find something exciting to do!



p.s. I just figured out how to add pictures to my blog, so check out the slideshow on yesterday’s post! 🙂



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2 responses to “big world, bigger city

  1. Genevieve i adore you. i just read your entire blog at work (yay intern life) and i am super jealous of your cute experiences! i also love it we got to skype last night. literally made my week. go be classy for me 🙂

  2. Jessie

    aguila alfajore? son mejores del mundo especialmente mini torta brownie mmm QUE RICOS

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