It takes two to tango…

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…and tango I did! You will all be very excited to hear that today was my first ever tango lesson!! A bunch of the girls from my program and I went to a bar to take tango from a friend’s host sister, who is amazing at tango and teaches lessons. It was a very basic level beginner’s class, which was good, because even with a background in dance, any sort of ballroom/partner dancing is completely different! We were all also dancing with other girls, so it was hard to follow a partner who was not used to leading and trying to do the man’s part at the same time! I had a blast! The class was only 20 pesos (which is about 5 dollars), and is every Tuesday at the same place! I think some of us may go back next week – the tango is definitely something I’d like to work on while I’m here, it’ll be a great project 🙂

Not only did we tango today, but we also visited the Recoleta Cemetery! This is an extremely famous and beautiful cemetery with the tombs of famous and significant historical and cultural figures. Eva Perón is buried there – coincidentally, today is the anniversary of Eva Perón’s death, and we just happened to decide to go to the cemetery today. Ooooobviously it was meant to be, seeing as Peronismo is another one of my Argentine obsessions, as well as Evita. There were beautiful flowers all around her tomb (she was buried in the Duarte tomb), as well as old newspaper articles and pictures of Evita throughout her life (I will post pictures on my blog stat!). As I was waiting for some people to walk by so I could take some pictures, the man next to me leaned over and said, “Allí está tu madrita,” which pretty much means “that’s where your mother is.” This statement describes perfectly (and I mean PERFECTLY) the attitude of many Argentines about Eva Perón.

Piropo count for today: 11 (it’s because I broke my cardinal rule and decided to go with a bright red jacket today – whatever, it kept me warm).

Aside from Recoleta and the tango class, we had a few more orientation sessions. Tomorrow I don’t have to go to FLACSO until noon since I placed into the Post-Advanced Spanish I class! After that, I have to go get some things done for my visa, and then I’ll hopefully be able to meet up with a friend from Elon! Today was a GREAT, but exhausting day. My brain is exhausted from speaking Spanish, and my body from all this walking (and tango-ing!), but I am just so happy. I’m learning so much every day, and we haven’t even started classes yet!




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