museos y milongas

Oh, just another day in the busy city of Buenos Aires. NOT. Yesterday (Thursday) I wasn’t able to post a new blog post because I was barely at home for 2 hours after I left for the day! I left around 1 in the afternoon, since I didn’t have to be at FLACSO until 2 pm to register for the FLACSO classes. After that, 2 other friends and I decided to check out the Museo Evita (Museum…of/about Evita) in Palermo! We took the colectivo there and found it pretty easily. It wasn’t too expensive to get in, and it was definitely worth it! We learned so much new information about Evita, especially about her life before politics and Perón. (The religious studies major in me had a ball with the idea of pilgrimage and sacralization of profane objects used by significant figures.) Pictures are posted! After going to the museum, we returned back to our individual homes and made plans to meet up later to go to the milonga that FLACSO had arranged (a milonga is kind of like a practice/class for tango that’s pretty popular for anyone when learning how to dance).

Now begins the exciting part. My friends and I decided that I’d meet them just outside of a subte stop close to where they’d be, both at one house. As I was getting on the subte, I got a text from one of my friends that said that they were locked inside their house. At this point, I have no cell service, so I can’t answer or call them. As I change subte lines and hop on the one I need to be on to meet them, I try to send a text as soon as I get some service, but my phone says “error.” In movistar-prepaid-cellphone speak, this means that  I am completely out of money on my phone. Great. So now, I’m outside the subte stop, I don’t know where I am, nor do I have minutes on my phone, and my friends are locked inside their house. So I waited a few minutes (meanwhile PRAYING that they’ll call me, since I can receive calls, just not make them), and then proceeded to ask some policemen where the nearest colectivo stop was to go to Palermo and get to the milonga.

Meanwhile, it’s about the time that we are supposed to be at the milonga. So I’m already late – what I should’ve done was just called it a night and headed home. But NO, my persistent self refused to just turn back around without having at least made an appearance at the milonga since I got all dressed and made up to go. So I start walking toward the stop, walk in the wrong direction for a little bit…then I asked a woman walking on the street who (thank HEAVENS) was walking to catch the exact same colectivo. So we walked together, and as I got on the bus, I asked the driver if he could tell me when we were at the correct stop. He answers me with, “If I remember I will, but if not, then no.” Okay. Gracias, señor, for all your help. I sat on the bus for a while and then asked the woman sitting in front of me if she knew if we were far away, and she told me she’d let me know when to get off (good thing there are nice people in this story). I got off on the correct street, had to ask someone else for directions, and was told that I had to walk another FIFTEEN blocks to get to my destination! So I walk (don’t worry, it was along a bigger street, so there were plenty of cars and lights around). I FINALLY get there, after asking some people, walking in the wrong direction again, and asking a few more people. After the milonga, which yes, was fun, but a very small speck in the span of this story, 3 of us shared a taxi home. FINALLY I passed out in my bed until 8 am this morning, when I had to wake up at go to UCA (Universidad Católica Argentina) for orientation!

This morning, after orientation, I headed back to FLACSO to sign up for classes, and I know my schedule now:

Tuesday: 10-1 Spanish Grammar (through FLACSO)

4:30-6 Service Learning Seminar (through FLACSO)

Wednesday: 9:30-1 Christology and Ecclesiology (at UCA)

7:45-10:15 pm Philosophy of Religion (at UCA)

Thursday: 10-1 Church and State in Latin America (PEL class – for international students at UCA)

So I don’t have classes on Monday or Friday! Which is great – I can either travel or just have lots of extra time to do homework and explore the city and do work for my service learning class. Happy camper, despite the 7:45-10:15 class! UCA didn’t have very many options aside from literature, which I took all of sophomore year for the sole reason of not wanting to take it abroad! I’m super duper excited for the service learning seminar – this class has lots of different themes to choose from. I originally wanted to do education, but I found out that if I do derechos humanos (human rights), I can work with the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo – DREAM!

After signing up for classes, lunch, and buying teabags at the grocery store, I’m just relaxing in my house for a while. TGIF! Tonight, we go out 🙂 Wish me luck! Here, everyone goes out super-late and comes back super-early…in the morning! A few other friends and I are going to meet up early so we don’t have to go anywhere alone once it gets dark. Then I have a 3-day weekend, because UBA class registration is on Monday, and (to the great relief of my friends who have told me millions of times) I won’t be taking classes at UBA this semester.



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  1. Mom

    Whew! So glad you made it home. I had some uneasy moments, when you were wandering without being able to call anyone. I’m sure by now you have many minutes added to your phone right? I would recommend carrying a little map when you go out, so at least you know where to go. Be safe. We love you.

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