shoes can change your life (Cinderella, back me up)

Hola mis amores! Nothing insanely crazy to talk about today! We went out last night – meaning we left the house at 11:30 so we could be at the bar we were meeting at by midnight. SIKE. My friend Amy and I have figured out by now that it usually takes us about 2 hours to get to wherever we want when attempting our hands at public transit. We took one colectivo, successfully, to a different bus stop. After searching around for a bit, the bus came. While Amy was looking for her bus card, it left us behind. So we waited again. For about 15 minutes. Then the next colectivo came. As we got on, we told the driver where we needed to go. He informed us that we were in fact at the incorrect bus stop. Wonderful. So we searched around some more, asked some people, and ended up on a street trying to look for the stop. As we were walking, we saw 2 buses with the number we wanted driving one after the other, but it looked like they had looped around and were just turning around for a different route. So we let them go, and asked someone else. The woman we asked told us that we were on the correct street and we’d walked past the stop. As we walked back, we saw that the “bus stop” was actually a STICKER ON A POLE. Which means that the two buses from earlier, one behind the other, were actually the ones we needed to take. So we stood again, waiting at the correct bus stop this time, for about another 20 minutes. After a while, we decided we’d wait 5 more minutes and just take a taxi, seeing as it was FREEZING weather outside. 5 minutes went by. We crossed the street to take a taxi. We spent about 10 more minutes trying to get a taxi, failing miserably, when we saw the bus stopping at the corner. And so we ran across the street, and finally, FINALLY hopped on the bus!

After being dropped off near our destination, we had to ask a nice jolly policeman where the Plaza Serrano was, which is where we wanted to go. He gave us the wrong directions. So we asked someone else. She gave us directions that were a little bit better, but we still struggled. When we finally got to the place where we were meeting our friends, it was about 1 am. Early, by Argentine standards. We ended up staying at the bar for FOUR hours! Until 5 am! Mind you, this is quite normal in the city – 5 am is actually on the early side for returning home! Amy and I shared a cab home and I finally got to sleep around 5:30.

Woke up this morning at 11:45 (I set my alarm because I hate waking up after noon if I can help it!) and got dressed and ready to go shopping with Amy. We went and grabbed some lunch, and then hopped on the Subte to go to the Avenida Sante Fe.

[[Side bar: PDA is extremely common in Latin American countries, and although I haven’t had to bear witnessing too much, I was put to the test today when the couple next to me (practically on top of me considering how crowded the Subte was) started going at it. In the middle of the Subte. Zoinks.]]

When we got off the Subte, we walked in a random direction (welcome to our lives, this happens every time) and were very confused. I texted a friend to ask her about where exactly the good shopping was, and we figured out that we should’ve gotten off about 3 stops earlier, meaning we walked about 7 blocks to the mall, Alto Palermo.

When we finally got to the mall (maybe 45 minutes after we got off the Subte?), we walked around all 3 floors and couldn’t find anything we liked. So, sad, dejected, tired, and freezing cold, we began making our way back to the Subte stop, stopping in a few more stores along the way. We walked into this one store that looked promising, but as soon as we walked in, we saw that the people working there were like 12 attractive young men, dressed in tight black shirts, and they essentially swooped in on us the second we stepped in. It was the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. This was a women’s shoe store, stocked with young men to sell the goods…not sure whether “goods” in this case necessarily means the shoes.

After a few more stores, we finally found one that looked promising. We walked in, and it was like going to heaven. The prices were great, the shoes were FABULOUS, and there were plenty of different styles and colors, all beautiful leather! After trying on a few different pairs, I fell in love with 2 different pairs. Let’s just say that these 2 pairs of boots were the ones that chose me, not quite the other way around. So…I bought both! And I don’t regret it a single bit. My mood improved significantly after that, and let’s just say the song “Walking on Sunshine” was an appropriate soundtrack to my life while exiting the store. Whoever coined the phrase “retail therapy” deserves a gift card, because there’s nothing a girl loves more than a successful shopping trip and buying shoes (ESPECIALLY me).

Long blog today, but I am not sorry (and I’m sure you aren’t either) about the exciting things I get to share with you all every day. It’s like this trip was meant to be, never a boring day yet!

Now I’m just sitting in my room, drinking chamomile tea and waiting for my family to get home (it’s my host mom’s mother’s birthday today, so they’ve been out of the house all day). The day got worse before it got better, but the shoes made everything better. Not to mention that I kicked some serious public transit butt and rocked the bus ride home, shopping bags and all 🙂




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  1. Mom

    Love them boots of yours! Keep walking, the road is long, but the right boots make all the difference. A metaphor I am sure you know.
    Love Ya,

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