a black scarf affair

Today was a very relaxed day! I woke up this morning and went to have breakfast in the kitchen, where I very soon realized that it was my host brother Mateo’s birthday! The whole family was there (well, all 5 siblings)! I had a quick breakfast and went off to my non-traditional church for mass at 11 am.

What an interesting church I attend! Today we had the gospel first, followed by the second reading, a song, and then an inter-congregational discussion of the meaning of today’s gospel. I got a chance to get to know the woman beside me, which was nice despite the strange set-up of the church! At the end of mass, the priest told everyone to go sit next to someone they didn’t know and introduce themselves, and then we’d get the final blessing, so I was able to meet another woman, too! It was nice to get to know a few members of the congregation today, so I can have a few familiar faces next weekend.

After that, I returned home to a kitchen full of cooking and my little host nephews (SO cute) in preparation for a huge birthday lunch! We had asado (fire + beef), sweet potatoes, and sausage. SO delicious and I ate way too much. For dessert we had a “cake” (more like a torte) that was made up of about 8 layers of crispy, flaky crust with thin layers of dulce de leche in between, and melted chocolate on the top layer. It was addicting. I am so learning how to make it and bringing it back to the states. My dear friends, forget cupcakes, you’re getting a torta de dulce de leche for your next birthday 🙂

After lunch, I was supposed to go meet up with some friends in the Plaza de Mayo to take pictures and go to the street fair and such, but decided against it as I was already going to be an hour and a half late and didn’t want to go only to stay for an hour or so. I spent the afternoon attempting to stay warm in my room and skyping with the parental units! Afterwards, a light dinner (munchies, really, seeing as we were all stuffed from the asado lunch) with my brother, mom, and some family friends, finishing with ice cream cake (too much food today and not enough walking – I’d better pay for this tomorrow!). A cold day spent inside full of birthday celebrations!

All in all, a very relaxing day, and hey – I didn’t get lost today!! Granted, I didn’t go anywhere either, but you’ve gotta start somewhere, right?




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  1. Mom

    Loved talking to you and seeing you on Skype. I missed you so much. After our 3 hr. talk, I missed you even more. Funny how that is. I can’t wait to send you a small flavorful care package. Hope it gets there.

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