true life: i walk off my carbs every day

Yesterday (Monday) was a surprisingly tiring day! I woke up and went to meet a friend to get photos and photocopies of my passport in preparation for the next step in acquiring a student visa! We walked forEVER to try and find the cheap place that someone had told us did it quickly. Literally, forever. We must have walked for at least an hour trying to find the migration office, which is tucked away on the water, practically impossible to get to using a map. It was a trial-and-error kind of run! After waiting at the migration place for my friends to finish their part, we went to eat lunch closer to FLACSO (mmm delicious pizza with onion overload and empanadas, of course). After lunch, I headed home, where I called my friend from home (who spent her summer here in Buenos Aires) to see if we could meet up for dinner.

[[While at home, one of my classmates texted me to tell me that a man killed himself on the Subte, and so Line B would be closed until the morning – I asked my host mom about it, but she said she hadn’t heard anything about it – I think there was some doubt about whether he slipped or purposefully jumped in front, but either way they closed the Line to get witness accounts, etc.]]

I met my friend, her family, and her visiting friend in the Plaza de Mayo (see, I wasn’t joking when I said it was my second home!). We walked over to Puerto Madero and went to dinner at Siga la Vaca, an absolutely delicious meat restaurant. It was tenedor libre (buffet), and apart from an enormous salad bar, there were 2 huge grills that had at least 20 cuts of meat, including sausages and blood sausages (which I opted not to try). By the time we had dessert (I had budín, which is like a very dense bready pudding-y kind of food) and left the restaurant, it was almost 1 am! We took taxis back to my house, where they dropped me off and I went to bed, full stomach, and my throat a little scratchy.

When I woke up this morning, I was still feeling a little under the weather. I had to be at FLACSO at 10 am, so I took the bus since it was so cold! We had a few presentations, some helpful, some not, and a short chunk of time for lunch. Some other girls and I found the cutest café that had super cheap food (literally $4 for pasta, and less than $1 per empanada) and ate quickly before heading back for some more presentations! I also stopped at a pharmacy and got Vitamin C tablets similar to Emergen-C to put in a bottle of water. After the day was over, another friend and I went to Avenida Santa Fe again so I could search for some leggings (since thick socks + folded jeans + my calves don’t fit in my new boots all together!). Then I headed home, where I finally got to use the secret passageway/hallway in my house to get to my room! My host mom got home a few minutes ago, and I’m sure we’ll be sitting down to dinner quite soon 🙂

Still loving it here, despite feeling a bit under the weather! Wish me luck with visa things tomorrow!




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  1. Mom

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather. Fill a large sock with uncooked rice and heat in the microwave for 1-2 min. and use it as a leg warmer. Its quite comforting. Or yo can use it as a warm compress. Continue drinking some hot tea too. You have a late night of class tomorrow. Be careful coming home at night. We love you.

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