boot encounters of the third kind

Hello all! Apparently the writing-in-the-blog-every day has become more of an every other day deal – which is just fine, seeing as I’m about to recap the past 2 days as well as a night for you!

Yesterday morning (Happy birthday Mom!), I had to go to complete the second step of the visa process. I had to take TWO Subte lines to the Migrations office and I had to be there at 11 am (so I wasn’t able to go to my class at UCA, which is okay because attendance during the shopping period isn’t obligatory). I got there a bit early and got everything done, and headed back to FLACSO with another classmate to talk to my advisor about class scheduling. I am trying to drop “Filosofía de la religión” and pick up the Living/Learning in Buenos Aires seminar, which I think will be much more relevant, and hopefully do a little better with giving me credits back at Elon for my minor (Latin American Studies)! Also this class will be over in the evening, as opposed to 10:15 pm at night.

After talking to my advisor and going to lunch with some friends, we headed over to the Avenida Santa Fe (you’d think after the first time on that street and buying 2 pairs of boots, I’d stop going there!). Sorry bank account, I just fell in LOVE with yet ANOTHER pair of beautiful burgundy leather boots. I think you can probably predict what I did in that situation, considering the last time I fell in love with boots. What is this weakness with shoes?! Although I guess falling in love with all these shoes is a great alternative to falling in love with a bunch of men. The shoes are great. They’ll always be great. They’ll never let me down. Once I break them in, they’ll STAY that way for however long I have them. They’ll always look good when I’m walking around, no matter what else I’m wearing. Maybe they won’t give me flowers, but they’ll definitely give me compliments. And let’s be honest, I’ll probably never argue with them. Altogether, a less-dramatic and less-exhausting thing to fall in love with. (Multiple times.)

So after the THIRD pair of boots (ay carAMba!), I headed home with just enough time to drop them off before leaving the house again (probably home for a grand total of 10 minutes)! It was an Elon classmate’s birthday, so we went to meet up with my friend Paula, who lives in San Isidro, outside of Buenos Aires. She was in the city, so we met up with her and some friends at an “after-office” sort of place for dinner and some dancing. Getting there is a whole other story. The place we wanted to go was on Avenida Sarmiento. Turns out there is also just a plain old “Sarmiento” without an “Avenida” in front of it. Josh and I learned this the hard way. We ended up at Sarmiento, unable to find the bar/club/restaurant, and ended up calling a few different people. We finally just took a cab to Avenida Sarmiento, which turned out to be on the other side of town. We got there (the place was called Terrazzas), and it was one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while! It was a huuuuuge space, with colorful lights and white couches, and a bunch of different rooms, 2 with different music playing! We got some dinner, and hung out there until about 1:15, when Josh and I shared a cab home (since we live only a few minutes away from each other by cab). I had a fun time! The music was a pretty solid mix of American music and songs in Spanish, about 1/2 of which I knew, due to my love of reggaeton and Tito el Bambino 🙂

This morning, we had to be at FLACSO at 10 am! We had a workshop called “Exploring Buenos Aires.” Naturally, I expected a walking tour. It turned out to be a scavenger hunt. Now, I wouldn’t normally expect something like this, but when half your group goes to get food at every other stop, it becomes a little tedious to wait for them, especially since the places we had to go weren’t that exciting at all (some statue in a square, a restaurant…). Not to mention the whole point of this excursion was for us to practice using public transportation – again, if we don’t know how to use it by now (mind you, it’s been 2 weeks exactly!), I highly doubt that a scavenger hunt will teach us! We were obviously thrown into situations and faced with public transportation in order to learn the hard way. Survival of the fittest in a cosmopolitan jungle, if I may. By the time we got to the last stop, which was the restaurant where we’d be having lunch, everyone was cranky and ready to eat. We ended up eating WAY too much delicious pizza, with fainá, which is a bean-flour/paste flatbread type food that Argentines eat under pizza, which essentially adds flavor and altitude (both of which you can never have enough of!). I should’ve stopped at that, but no, FLACSO was paying, so I ordered dessert! Go big or go home, right? I had a vanilla ice cream with walnuts, wafers, dulce de leche, and hot chocolate sauce, which the waiter poured over the dessert in front of me like a cascading chocolate waterfall (that definitely opened up the dessert compartment in my tummy 😉 ).

After too much lunch, I power-walked back to FLACSO, hoping to burn off some of that pizza and ice cream, and checked out some classes I can take at Rojas, which is the cultural center a few blocks from FLACSO! I’ll definitely take 2 dance classes (out of hip hop, bellydancing, or tango), and possibly 3 depending on my schedule! I figure it’ll be much more fun and effective than joining a gym, especially because FLACSO will reimburse me and give me credit for one class at Rojas! After taking a look at the classes, I went to get a day planner with another friend. Now, coming to Buenos Aires, I tried to decide to leave my planner at home and be more spontaneous and plan less. WRONG. Why would I think that’s possible? Not only does my planner have my list of Buenos Aires places to go and things to see, but I also need it to write in all the service activities, classes at universities, and classes at Rojas that I’ll be involved with! I knew things would get busy once classes started up!

Finally I have a beloved day planner! Then FLACSO had set up a presentation by a travel agency for us to see some options for travel in Argentina. I think I’m going to go to Iguazú Falls (duh), Mendoza (given – on my birthday weekend!), Bariloche (yesyesyes), and the Peninsula de Valdes (penguins and trekking and whales, oh my!)! I’ll probably go to Uruguay at some point too, because one of my FLACSO friends has family in Montevideo we could stay with for free!

So many things to do! So much time! So expensive! Ah! Good thing I have plenty of room in my new planner (January-July) to make some lists of what my priorities are 🙂

Tomorrow, off to San Antonio de Areco for a day in the campo and to see some gauchos (cowboys)!




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  1. Mom

    Oh my is right! The places you’ll go!
    I’m glad to hear that you might get a late afternoon class instead of a late evening one. Also glad to hear that you celebrated on my birthday as I did here. Albeit, not the dancing part. But, the birthday week isn’t over yet. Your Dad’s been surprising me with a week long celebration. You’d be so impressed. Although your shoes will take you places, you can’t “Converse” with them. I promise you’ll find the one to celebrate, surprise, and converse with you.
    We love you.

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