buscando guayaba ando yo

Greetings! Today was a lovely, fun, and productive day with 2 of my good friends from FLACSO. Erin, Amber and I decided to meet up at FLACSO around noon to go sign up for classes at Rojas, the community cultural center (they have dance, theater, art, and many more types of courses open to the public). However, we found out that we couldn’t sign up on Saturday, so unfortunately we have to go back on Monday.

After attempting to sign up for dance classes, the next item on our agenda was to go to the Estadio River Plate to buy tickets for the RICKY MARTIN concert this September!! I thought I’d call ahead to see if we could to it over the phone, and we found out that there were stations all over the city where we could buy them! We saved ourselves over 2 hours of travel time and got 11 tickets nearby at El Ateneo, which is an enormous bookstore (there are a few around Buenos Aires), beautifully painted, and with a café, where you can just spend an afternoon with a good book and a hot cup of java.

By this time, we were in starvation mode, so we headed over to Argentine Chinatown (which here is called “Barrio Chino”) to get some lunch. Yum! Interesting how Chinese food is what made us all feel like we were in the states again – this is what happens when you live in a melting pot! After lunch we went to an Asian market so the other girls could get some peanut butter (smart thinking that I brought a huge jar and saved myself money and the trouble of eating watery peanut butter!), where we saw one of our other friends from the program. She joined us, and we went on to find a Chinese bakery so I could find some sesame balls. Success! Found the delicious dessert and onward we went! The other girls were happier to find a normal bakery, with cakes and alfajores and such (now an obvious staple in our everyday Argentine lives). We found another café to sit for a while and have coffee and chat until a little after 6, when we decided to head back.

On the Subte on our way back, there were 2 musicians in our subway car playing music with a guitar and percussion, and they even had a speaker! There is definitely poverty here in Buenos Aires, but I have so much respect for people who use their talents to make money, as opposed to just asking for it or even trying to sell things. These men looked so happy and they were just having a great time, which put huge smiles on the faces of everyone who was listening (which is rare, considering we rarely see smiles in public)! They sang this wonderful catchy song, “Buscando guayaba,” hence the title of today’s post. Being an artist means never having to let go of your passion, no matter where you’re doing it, be it a gallery, a stage, or a subway car. So this post is dedicated to the 2 musicians on Linea D tonight!

We want to go out tonight! So we decided to meet up at Erin’s house in Palermo so we can all go together, so I’ll be leaving my house super early (9:15!!) to go meet up with everyone before the Subte stops running.

So excited for tonight! Loving this city more and more each day!




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  1. My love for you grew a little more knowing that you are going to the Ricky Martin concert 🙂 I feel like half my childhood was defined by dancing to his songs!

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