divine secrets of the alpaca sweater sisterhood

I love Sundays in Buenos Aires! They are so laid back, there’s hardly anyone on the Subte, and it’s so nice to spend a few sunny hours in the afternoon with friends walking around a street fair! This morning, I woke up at 9:50 (an hour and a half earlier than I wanted, considering I got home at 5:15 am!! Just like a true native!) and headed to church. Afterwards, I relaxed and ate some lunch before heading to San Telmo. My intent was to buy another alpaca sweater, since I so love my current one 🙂

The girls kind of laugh at me because of my strange obsession with alpaca wool, but when I was perusing the sweaters, they all started looking as well. As you can probably guess from today’s blog title, everybody in the group who went today left the fair with an alpaca sweater – a great move in the history of alpaca wool lovers such as myself!

A pretty laid back day. I got back and skyped with one of my best friends (shout out, 74!) for a couple hours, and I’ll probably have dinner soon and go to bed pretty early. I don’t have class tomorrow, which is great! I’ll probably go run a couple of errands and sign up for my dance class before going to pick up my laundry!

Just so in love with this city!




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  1. this post made me laugh 🙂 miss you!!

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