windy days and mondays…

….never get me down – not if I’m in Argentina! Despite the frigid weather (okay, like 50 F), today was a very successful and productive day! I had a very relaxed morning, hung out with my host sister a little – we just sat in the kitchen for a few hours keeping warm near the oven and silently working on our computers with the radio on. I think one of the best ways to know you’re comfortable in someone else’s company is to be able to be together but in silence – not awkward silence, but natural silence. It was great, and I chose 2 IUNA (the arts university in Buenos Aires) courses to sign up for! One was tango (which I just found out is Tango II – zoinks! I’ll go the first day and see how I feel about it), and the other is Modern and Contemporary Technique II. They’re on Mondays from 2-6 (Tango) and 6-9 (Modern/Contemporary). I also went to Rojas, the cultural center, and signed up for Afro Yoruba and Orixa dance (which is pretty much African dance) on Wednesdays from 7:30-9:30! So exciting!

But the productiveness did not stop there! After signing up for my course at Rojas, I went with 2 other friends to a travel agency to book our trip to Iguazú Falls! We are officially going the weekend of August  19-22! So excited and proud to have booked the first trip!! We also looked into Mendoza while we were there, so we can get an idea of how we want to plan that trip later this semester! While at the travel agency, the agent kept switching between Spanish and English – I spoke Spanish with her the whole time – not only because I wanted to practice, but also because I could NOT understand a single word she was saying in English! Her accent was so thick that it was easier to understand her Spanish than her English! Is this a sign? Or does it merely mean that the accent masks the language so much that it’s best to just speak the native language well? (Thank you, Spanish, for being my third language so I have 2 different alphabets of phonetics and sounds to make sure that I don’t sound like a gringa when I speak.)

After booking the trip, I went to a movie theater to meet up with some more girls to see the movie “Crazy Stupid Love” – it was hilarious! It was a great way to relax and have a nice laugh before coming home to my family for a late dinner 🙂 I am loving my family more and more every day! I even made a couple jokes yesterday and today! We’re getting along great, and they are just loving my crazy facial expressions. Funny how much facial expressions communicate in the states, but here they’re not as communicative – hence most of the laughter at the dinner table – usually my sister or mom crying tears of laughter at whatever odd face I make to the crazy things my brother says. ¡Les quiero!

My cold is breaking, so hopefully I’ll feel oodles better by tomorrow and by the time classes start! Tomorrow I finally have a class! It’s the seminar for my service learning course, so I’m definitely looking forward to getting some more information about that! I don’t have that until 4:30, so my friends Amber, Erin, and I are going to go to a museum or something in the morning to be productive and continue exploring Buenos Aires!




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