hustle and flow

I did much hustling today! And by that I mean hustling and bustling (but I can also be a diva, so I guess those just go hand-in-hand). Morning rush to go put some more money on my SUBE card (shmancy card I have so I don’t have to jingle with coins while I walk around!) and get to the bus in time to get to my UCA class. I found it okay, and the first half of the class was pretty good! There are 2 different professors, and the first one was good at keeping my attention and writing important points on the board. Prof number 2 – not so much. I tried my best to listen, but I must not have had enough coffee because I could barely keep my eyes open. The second professor also rambled for about an hour and a half, and barely gave any information that was important enough to write down – even the other Argentines in the class barely had any notes. Time to say goodbye to Christology, because I don’t need that class, and I refuse to get up at 7:30 am just to be bored out of my mind for 3 1/3 hours. Hasta la pasta!

After class, I proceeded to be almost an HOUR late to my lunch with my friends, because I took a bus that had some random route and probably would’ve taken forever if I hadn’t gotten off where I did to hop on the Subte. There was another FLACSO student with me, who did the same. The difference between us: I obviously knew how to blend in (or at least appear less like a tourist) and he most certainly did not. Another girl from our program saw us and came up to us at the Subte stop before we all got on it together. Not to be rude, but talking loudly in English about what university I go to and what my major is when there is nobody else talking in the entire subway car? I opted out. If you haven’t figured from my posts by now, there is nothing that ticks me off more than a student coming all the way here and refusing to try and adapt to the flow of the people here. We already stick out because of the way we walk and the clothes we wear – let’s not make it any worse, what say you? Apparently loud conversations that are so not important. Don’t think I’ve ever been happier to get out of the subway. I’ve been so good at blending in, why must you ruin it?!

After a very carb-filled lunch (treats, treats, I deserved it after that awful subway experience!), Amber and I went to run some errands and then back to FLACSO for my “Seminar in Living and Learning in Buenos Aires (Culture/Communication),” which was pretty interesting! I’m very excited for this one, as its focus is on learning inside the classroom the tools we can use outside of the classroom as an intensive cultural learning experience 🙂 Right up my alley!

After class, I went to see “Crazy Stupid Love.” Again. It was just so good! Even the second time! And movies are so cheap here, I could go every week and not kill my wallet too much. Which is not a bad idea. A great way to see all the movies I want to while I’m here while paying much less than in the states!

Tomorrow I’m off to UCA again, but this time for a class that’s offered by a department solely for international and exchange students! The class is, “Church and State in Latin America.” I hope this one is interesting, because it definitely sounds like it will be, and the professor I talked to a couple of weeks ago made it sound pretty good! After my class, I’m hoping to go get some dance clothes, and then I’m visiting my first potential site for my service learning class (this one is a place for children to go, sort of like a community center, while their parents are at work)! And after that, it’s my WEEKEND! Hooray! Happy humpday!




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