splish, splash, i was taking a class

This morning, I had my PEL class at UCA (PEL is a department that offers classes only for exchange students at UCA)! It moved pretty slowly – I don’t know if I’m going to take it though because probably half the unit will be things I already know (Church and State in Latin America) because of both me being Catholic as well as my background in Latin American Studies. After class, I went on the bus to meet a friend to go shopping for “joggings.” Failed! No joggings today!

After a quick lunch and failed joggings run (there was no pun intended until I noticed that and realized it was funny – so yes, pun very much intended), I went to talk to my advisor, who informed me that I should look into some more direct enrollment classes and that PEL classes are probably not the best for me. Great. Wish he would’ve told me that earlier so I could’ve explored some other options! Hopefully I can find something soon to substitute in for that class!

In the afternoon, I went to El Centro Comunitario Barrio Mitre, in another part of Buenos Aires, to explore an option for my service class. It is an afterschool type program, and what I would do during my time there is work with one other FLACSO student to teach English and help out with English homework. It was a cute place, and the kids were adorable! My only doubt about the place is that I can work with kids anywhere. My other option would be to work with the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo, and this is the totally ideal option for me! That would be an opportunity that I would definitely never get anywhere else or ever again! I go there on Monday, so hopefully that will work out!

All in all, a pretty normal day…one would think. But, let’s be honest, it’s me we’re talking about here, and no blog post is complete without an unusual event. I stopped off at a store on my way home to buy a to-go coffee mug (need. coffee. at. all. times.) and a tupperware to carry my lunch in during the week. When I got home, I washed the two dishes, and went in my room to change my shoes. I came back out, and there was water ALL OVER THE KITCHEN FLOOR. Now, my kitchen is huge, and there’s a bunch of different lights. I had no idea where the main light switch was, so I spent probably about 15 minutes just looking for the light switch. Finally I turned it on, and started to squeegee the water into a little drain near the sink. I was getting nowhere. I put on some Spanish music, and continued my fruitless efforts until my host brother came downstairs and told me that it’s pretty normal and happens all the time! He fixed the drain and then squeegeed the rest of the water. By the time this had all happened, it was about 8 pm and my host mom came home! Right now, I’m sitting in the kitchen with my host brother as he does his homework and my host mom as she’s preparing for dinner. Fabulous! Again, great way to just be with the fam. We’re getting more used to being comfortable in each other’s company.

Hopefully I’ll be able to go out tonight with some friends for a chill night since I have absolutely NOTHING tomorrow! GADQEEJ (Gracias a Dios que es el jueves – which means TGIThursday) is the new TGIF!




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