Oh, what a day! I woke up pretty late, around 10, and spent the morning in my house, catching up with a friend who is on another side of the world (<3) and trying to figure out what I wanted to do today! My friend Amber and I ended up meeting up to go get a free yellow fever shot for Iguazú. It’s not required, only recommended, but I figured since it’s free, why not! Unfortunately, the clinic closed probably about 5 minutes before we got there, so we decided to go ahead with our other plan for the day, which was to visit the ex-ESMA, which is an ex-Naval Academy which was used as a detention center for the Desaparecidos during the Dirty War (SO up my alley).

We ended up being on the colectivo (bus, which can also be referred to as a bondi, hence half of the title) for over an hour and a half. We got to the museum a little after 4 pm! We walked around the creepy ghost town of the place (so surreal to be there, pictures will be posted soon! Tours were postponed because there was a horrific downpour of rain today, and even a few snowflakes!) until we got super creeped out and headed out to try and find a café to get re-energized before heading home! We walked probably about 20 blocks or so until we got to a big main street where there was a Subte stop. We walked back and forth to like 4 different cafés until we made up our minds!

We went to a little pizzeria for some postres (desserts) and coffee. We spent a lovely chunk of time eating black forest cake (to DIE for) and drinking our coffee (super classy, as always). We had a great conversation about how it is to travel with people. I think the best way to get to know someone is to travel with them! Once you’ve traveled with someone, and been through the best and worst of times, you know that they are your true friends. So we proceeded to have a long sappy conversation about how close we’d probably become as we bond tons and tons. It was wonderful!

After classy coffee, we headed home and made some plans for tonight. I think we’re going to meet up to then go to our other friend’s house to go out for a while! We’ll probably just have a chill night, stick with a calm environment tonight.

Can’t believe it’s only Friday! Having 3-day weekends is going to be the BEST 🙂




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