lazy sundayz

What a wonderful, wonderful relaxing day!

Woke up this morning and did absolutely nothing until later! Had a late breakfast and sat in the kitchen hanging out with my host sister and mom and discovered that I have one of my classes with my host sister – zoinks!! It’s modern and contemporary technique II in the Department of Folklore at IUNA – and she studies dance there, like, as her major. Yikes! Hopefully the class isn’t too hard! She said it’s contemporary for folk dancers so hopefully it’ll be fine for me!

After a late lunch, I met my friend in my second home (i.e. the Plaza) around 3 to take some photos of the political ads around the city. I will be an international correspondent this semester abroad for the Pendulum, my school newspaper, and the first thing I’m doing after my introductory article is a photo essay on the political candidates and political propaganda around Buenos Aires! Photos are posted below! After walking around for a few hours, we stopped at a café (as per usual, what a surprise) for tea and food. I went to mass in the Cathedral at 6 pm afterwards with some other friends! It was great to have a traditional mass for a change, and it was less than an hour!! There was much less singing, which I’m not really used to, but the church is so beautiful (there are pictures of that, too!). By the time we got out, it was starting to get dark, and the Casa Rosada looked wonderful and lit up pink at night 🙂

A great typical and lazy Sunday to end the week! Tomorrow, I’m going to the office of the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo to get an idea of what volunteers will be doing there to see if I can work there for my service learning class! So excited!!



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