“what’s the happiest thing about arg?”

That’s a question one of my best friends asked me today. “What’s the happiest thing about Argentina?”

I don’t really know that there´s one specific thing about Buenos Aires that is helping me grow, but I can feel myself coming into my own more and more each day. There doesn’t have to be any thing super-exciting or amazing that happens that will sail to number one on a list of “Top Awesome Things in Argentina.” Just being here is that Top Awesome Thing.

Although, have to admit, going to the office of the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo today was probably one of the most wonderful things I’ve done so far 🙂 It was so incredibly surreal, to actually be in the office where all of these amazing things are archived and documented and planned! There were photos of Desaparecidos all over one of the walls, and two huge books that had information about everyone that is documented as a Desaparecido. The Madres were so adorable! I looove love love old people, and these Madres were very old! There was this one, Vera, whose daughter disappeared, and she was the cutest thing since sliced bread. No doubt in my mind that the Madres are the ones that I will most definitely be working with this semester!! Talk about the experience of a LIFETIME!

After hanging out with the Madres for a while (seriously, these ladies are so adorable and could talk for hours – can’t wait to become best friends with them), I headed back to FLACSO to do some busywork and errands and plan my calendar (don’t worry, perfectionism and obsessiveness is still in existence). Going to get donuts with friends at 6:30, and then probably head home to hang out with my wonderful family!

Life is great and I do whatever I want here. Sin duda 🙂

As I was perusing some of the articles on my favorite travel website (matadornetwork.com – if you don’t know it, you don’t know travel), I came upon a quote that describes perfectly the experience I’m having:

Travel can have that effect, in that you find yourself in a place where the rules of your home society no longer exist. Where expectations are different. That jarring feeling of strangeness can be the thin end of a very large wedge, leading to an uncomfortable but necessary rethinking of much of what you think you know about yourself.

So I’m rethinking myself. And facing different expectations. And constantly trying to live outside of my comfort zone. Not necessarily in that order.




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