just a day, just an ordinary day

I realized that I really haven’t given you all a basic breakdown of my day! So here’s how it usually goes:

8-10: Wake up, shower, have breakfast

10-12: Leave the house. Maybe go to class. Get lost on the way (Like today, walked into class 30 minutes late. Good thing this is South America and everyone was just sitting around talking and class hadn’t even started yet.). If not, go to meet friends for lunch to eat again (delicious, delicious egg noodles today).

12-5: Have class. Or run errands. Or do nothing for a large chunk of the day — but still stay outside of the house. Probably get lost again. Eat more.

5-8: Run another errand? Probably eat again (today, gelato 🙂 dulce de leche and chocolate with hazelnuts). Coffee or donuts, usually something unhealthy. Probably laugh a lot. Maybe go to a movie. (Maybe, like today, movie is cancelled and eating gelato is the next best option after popcorn and pomelo.)

8-10: Sit at home. Maybe do homework. Get on Skype. Sit around watching a movie or a show. Get on Facebook. Get hungry by just sitting there.

10-11: Wait to be called for dinner. Go eat. Hang out with family for a little bit. Talk with them as they laugh at my cartoon character self and ridiculous facial expressions.

11-1: Go to bed sometime between this time period.

That is my average day for you, right there! Tomorrow I have to wake up to be in my dance class from 8-10 am. After that, I’ll probably come home and grab a snack before my next dance class from 12-2 pm. THEN (after some other things in the afternoon) I have yet another dance class from 7:30-9:30 pm! I’m just shopping around for dance classes, but if I love love love them, I’ll be dancing for over 4 hours a day twice a week! If that won’t help me walk off all of that dulce de leche, all hope is lost. I am so dramatic.



p.s. Yes. Yes, I did quote Vanessa Carlton.


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