top 10 things to know when studying abroad in Argentina

10. If the subway is crowded, don’t let more than 1 train go by. You gotta fight for your right to ride it!

9. Don’t fight the food. Don’t fight the carbs, the coffee, or the dulce de leche. Accept. Enjoy. Love.

8. Any politically incorrect term that refers to hair or skin color – goes either way. Either offensive, or endearing.

7. A good day on the bus is when every single part of you isn’t glued to someone else.

6. At 10:30 pm, your family hasn’t forgotten to feed you. They just haven’t started cooking yet.

5. sssshhhhhjjjjjjjjsssshhhhh – that beautiful accent. Once you understand how it sounds, start using it, otherwise some people might not understand what you’re saying (speaking from previous experience, here).

ex: llamar –> ssshhhhjjamar

yo –> ssshhhjjjjo

ayer –> assshhjjjjjjer

4. che – means hey, guys, dude, and any other variation of those words

3. boludo – can mean either stupid (or something worse) or be a term of endearment, depending on context

2. the “vos” form – a verb tense that only exists in the present and command forms. That is the only thing you’ll hear from natives. I have yet to be addressed in the “tú” form. Vos ≠ Vosotros. Learn it quickly, otherwise you’ll spend all your time trying to figure out if they’re talking directly to you!

1. gracias – if you can’t be grateful in another country/language, you can be sure they won’t be appreciative of you.

Today was, again, a typical day. Woke up nice and late and went to get dance clothes and shoes with a friend. Found a store with super-cute clothes (great…) and spent the afternoon walking around and being in pain from yesterday. Hopefully I’ll get to spend some time with the fam tonight because I leave for Iguazú TOMORROW evening!!




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  1. Jordan

    i really like number nine 🙂
    slash i wanted to leave my comment under “cornerstone” but i was a little hesitant

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