desaymuerzo is my favorite meal of the day

“Desaymuerzo” is my friend’s version of the Spanish word for “brunch,” as such a word that is used to describe an amazing meal somehow does not exist in this wonderful language that I am studying!

Yesterday was a fairly uneventful day. I met up with some friends to go finish the last step of the visa process and we wanted to go to brunch, but we ended up just getting regular lunch at a really nice café. Afterwards, we went back to FLACSO, did paperwork, and said goodbye to our friends who are going skiing this weekend! Oh, the joys of travel. Goodbyes, then movies with my friend! We also made plans to go to a salsa club to just dance salsa for a few hours (my normal life here). When we first got to the club later (around 12:30 am), there was still a class going on, so we went to a restaurant to have some postres (desserts) until about 2 am (again, my normal life here) – which is still early in Buenos Aires nightlife time! So naturally the place was still not busy! Struggle bus. We ended up just going home, which was a bummer, because we were all set to salsa! I talked to my host sister about it though, and she gave me the name of another salsa club that is pretty popular. So hopefully next weekend we can salsa till the sun comes up!

Today, my friend Amber and I FINALLY got some brunch (or desaymuerzo as we now call it). We went to a restaurant called Magdalena’s Party, and she had a Belgian waffle (with dulce de leche, obviously), and I had an omelette with eggs, guacamole, cheese, tomato, sour cream, and black beans (I finally got my black beans!!). We were so full, I didn’t eat for the rest of the day! After an enormous brunch and attempting to walk it off, we went to meet one of my classmates from elementary school for coffee who is also spending her semester here! After a relaxed afternoon and evening, I headed back home to spend some time with the family – which also did not happen because my host mom wasn’t home and my host brother had a friend over!

All in all, a pretty uneventful weekend – although tomorrow, we will be checking out a different street fair in another part of the city, so that should be fun! Hopefully we can have a few more excellent adventures while we’re out and about! I wonder what sorts of things to expect now that classes have started – my days will probably become pretty routine, so hopefully I can keep it exciting by continuing to be a nerd and check some museums off of my list!

Lastly, a big loving shout out to everyone involved with Elon this week! Happy first weekend/week/orientation!




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