World Tango Festival? more like a daily tango festival

Yesterday was fantastic! I had lunch with my host mom, who set up a little table in front of one of the balconies in the warm sun. We sat on cushions and ate chicken and potatoes and did major bonding 🙂

Afterwards, my friend Amber and I went to the feria Recoleta, which is just another street fair. Just a normal lazy Sunday…I bought some presents and a beautiful mate with a straw to take home and share with friends and family!

Aside from the normal stalls (and delicious street food – definitely taking a trip back just to eat), we also got the opportunity to see tango dancers on the street! It was so beautiful, and it was a great sunny day. They had a speaker and a microphone, and they were dancing on the smoother part of the sidewalk. Photos and videos are posted below! The World Tango Festival is going on right now, so it was amazing to see some “normal” street tango on a regular day. The actual performers danced for a while, and then they invited anyone to dance – this was probably the coolest part!

After the tango dancers, we came upon a group of people doing capoeira, which is a Brazilian style of martial arts mixed with dance. We sat watching them for a while, and then went to check out the Buenos Aires Design building. Imagine IKEA, with rooms separated by style of design and glass panes. This is what the entire building was! A big girl’s dream!

After an afternoon spent in the sun, I went to church in a big beautiful church just a bus ride away from my house, and then went home for dinner with my host mom and her 3 friends. After almost falling asleep in my pasta, I headed off to bed, because GOOD MORNING, I had Jazz at 8 am today! After 4 hours of dancing, I headed off to chit chat with the Madres (one of the sisters of a Desaparecido, actually), and then straight home to rest and pretend to do homework.

I need to start looking into planning for Mendoza in a couple months – anyone know anyone there with a house? (Kind of but not really kidding)



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