the argentina derby

What a classy and foodie weekend! On Friday I reunited with my fellow classmates from my university and we went to find a restaurant with burritos – interesting that missing American food means missing variety, and we were all craving Mexican! We finally got some spice and peppers, and left the restaurant sweating, stomachs and mouths on fire, and craving ice cream – another craving which we also satisfied. Foodfest Friday was not over before we went to get even more desserts! I had a conito, which is like an inside-out alfajor: dulce de leche piled onto a small cookie, all of it covered in chocolate.

Friday night I spent in, being super Argentine, and my friend came over and we sat in the kitchen and chatted and drank MATE for a few hours! I bought sweet yerba for the tea and we added sugar as well. We had a great time, and mate really does taste good when you add sweetness (friends, be ready, you will more than likely be forced to try it!), especially when the mate it’s in is beautiful 🙂

On Saturday morning we continued the food tour! My friends and I went to a restaurant called The Office, which serves brunch – but apparently only on Sundays. We settled for burgers, which were most definitely worth it! I also had a chemistry lesson while in the restaurant – never combine sugar with tonic water. Pictures of the evidence are below.

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After completely stuffing ourselves with an amazing lunch, we decided to walk it off by exploring the area in Las Cañitas, which is in Palermo, a barrio (neighborhood) in Buenos Aires. Not only did we find many restaurants and shops, but we accidentally came upon the Hipodromo, which is where horse races are held! We got some programs and schedules, and we are hoping to go to a race sometime this month. Goodbye Carolina Cup, hello classy horse races in Buenos Aires! As if that were not enough of a pleasant surprise, we also came upon a polo field! We got to go in and sit in the stands during a practice and attempt to understand polo. We finally decided we’d had enough royal adventures for the day and left the stadium, but not before a photo shoot! Pictures of the polo field are also in the above slideshow!

Sunday was spent doing homework, but there was also more food to be purchased! After I went to mass in the evening, there were some folks in the narthex selling food and things made by monks. What did I buy? A honker of a can of dulce de leche, and I absolutely cannot wait to crack into it!

There are actually quite a few brunch places in Buenos Aires, and we certainly intend to try all of them. Meanwhile, I don’t feel bad at all about eating whatever I want, because that is what gives me incentives to continue to sweat through the 1700 dance classes I am taking!

Just found out that my grammar class (which was supposed to include a quiz) for tomorrow morning is cancelled! SUCH a pleasant surprise! Let’s be honest, I’ll probably take the time to try some more food… 😉




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  1. you would go to a classy polo match and horse race while you’re abroad. i tried to but the nigerians told me that ghanaian polo is NOT classy and everyone wears jeans. i would not appreciate it haha

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