days go by

I can certainly feel them flying! I can’t believe it’s almost been a month and a half since I’ve been living here! In honor of this, I’ve decided to post a few highlights of the past month and a half and a few things that I’m looking forward to that are now set in stone for the future.

Great experiences:

  • mastering the porteña way of walking
  • being mistaken for a native
  • working with the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo
  • warm, lazy Sunday afternoons at street fairs with friends
  • teaching myself the “vos” form
  • discovering me
Great expectations:
  • going to Tigre this weekend! (don’t worry, I’m not really sure what it is either…)
  • FLACSO staff taking us up north to Tilcara, Jujuy the last weekend in September – I’ve been told to expect spicy food 🙂
  • Thanksgiving in Uruguay
  • having my last 2 weeks of the semester be strictly for travel and bittersweet goodbyes to the city I love, since classes all end in November
  • continuing to discover me
And a special treat for all of you faithful readers: near the end of the semester (or whenever this task is complete), expect a photo blog post on “101 ways to eat dulce de leche.” That’s right! The delicious treat will make an appearance as the guest of honor on my blog, so as soon as my camera hits 101, get ready for the visual dessert of a lifetime!

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