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I felt like I was rubbing elbows with celebs yesterday! I had my service work with the Madres, and yesterday we met at the Plaza to see them march in the Plaza, which they’ve been doing at 3:30 pm every Thursday since the 1970s!

We met with Carmen, who is the Madre that we work with directly, and she walked us around a little bit and gave us some more information on the Madres and their weekly march. As she was talking to us, some more people gathered around to listen, and soon there was a small group of people listening to Carmen. It was like being with a celebrity, but even better because here was someone who has actually had a significant impact on the history of human rights (and history in general).

At 3:30, we actually got the opportunity to walk with the Madres around the Plaza. As we marched around the Plaza, the names of all of the Desaparecidos were called, and after each name, all of the Madres would call out, “presente!” to show that even though they were not physically present, they are still represented and unforgotten by the Madres and all those who fight for justice after the dictatorship. This was an amazing opportunity that truly made me feel like I was participating in an important and historically significant event.

Yesterday was definitely one of the highlights of my experience here so far! Considering that the Madres are one of the largest reasons I chose to come to Argentina, getting the opportunity to march with them was truly a phenomenal experience. Not to mention that the Madres are the most adorable women! They are so caring and really do think of us students as their adopted grandchildren. I can’t even get over how cute they are!




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  1. Mom

    I see that you are getting to the “heart” of the matter. Pun intended.

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