converting back to my old ways

Don’t worry, I have yet to forget how to speak English!

The reason I use “converting” instead of “reverting,” (all you grammar divas out there twitching) is that I just converted one of my favorite recipes, gorilla bread, into metric measurements. I am going grocery shopping tomorrow and making it for my host family! Who knows why I thought I could just not bake or cook for so many months! Not even two months, and I’m itching to get back into the kitchen. My host mom has promised to teach me how to make alfajores de maicena, and meanwhile I’ll be sticking to stuffed red peppers and caprese pesto open-faced sandwiches (lunch today with the help of my friends!).

My Spanish at this point is in some strange undulating zone. Although it’s been pretty steady (and stagnant now for a while), I’m beginning to grow used to using different and more exciting grammar when I speak, and identify when native speakers use structures that I want to use. The beauty of learning the language spoken in the country you’re in is that there is CONSTANT context for everything!

I covered food (as always), language, and now I must cover physical activity. I absolutely love the way I feel after going to the gym (who are we kidding, I don’t actually like the act of going), so I went and joined a gym yesterday! It’s very close to my program center, which is great, and they have all sorts of classes. Tomorrow I’m going to Ritmos Latinos, and I’m mostly hoping to get a bunch of new music out of that class.

I think I’m starting to get a better feel for how to spend my time on myself and with myself. Honing my cooking skills and staying active will definitely keep me occupied when I want to be, for the most part, as well as writing for the Pendulum from abroad. For those of you who are not aware of this, check out my article online if you didn’t catch it in September 7’s print edition:

I’m famous! See, Elon? I can still totally be involved with you, even from way over here. I’m definitely finding more and more ways to keep busy, and I hope that continues as the month goes on. Having my hands full makes me feel more like myself, so I’m grateful for anything that helps me do that!

Countdown to the RICKY MARTIN concert: 2 days! Friday. Estadio River Plate. Ricky. Me.




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