“hay que pedirle más, más, más a la vida”

In case you don’t recognize these lyrics, they are from the song, “Más,” by the fabulous Ricky Martin! Obviously I’ve been doing my research for tomorrow’s concert!

In terms of getting the most out of life, I was extremely productive today. After waking up to a beautiful day and a breakfast of eggs, I headed off on a mission for groceries – more specifically, for the ingredients I needed to make gorilla bread. After hunting and gathering for a while, I went to pay the second installment for my African dance class as well as drop off a Ricky ticket in my friend’s mailbox! After that I returned home for lunch and headed off to spend some time with the Madres.

Aaaand, back to my usual routine, since after the Madres I went to the gym for the first time! Because this is such a large city, floor space is virtually nonexistent. I mean, square feet exist, but in small amounts and on top of each other. That is to say, my gym has 6 floors! However, these are not fancy enormous floors as you may be imagining. The pool is on the ground floor, and there is room for maybe 2 studios on each floor. My Ritmos Latinos class was on the 6th floor – be proud, I took the stairs!

Gorilla bread was a success with the family, despite that I had to make the biscuits from scratch, and the sugar was much darker than normal. Wherever there are walnuts, one can never go wrong!

We are in the process for planning for Mendoza! As of now, we are planning for the long weekend in October, so from the 7th-11th! Hopefully we’ll be staying in a hostel with easy access to bike-vineyard tours and horseback riding.

Ricky TOMORROW! I can’t believe it’s finally here!




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