“lo mejor de mi vida eres tú”

Ricky Martin is a wonderful human being! Let’s just say, pop star pefection. His performance was FABULOUS, and he is most definitely a crowd pleaser.

My friend Erin and I met up beforehand to travel to the River Plate Stadium (sorry, Boca fans) together, since it’s a little far from both of us. We found a bus, got on it, and got to the stadium in under 45 minutes, which we considered kicking public transport butt! However, as we were nearing the entrance, my friend stopped dead in her tracks with a horrified look on her face – I took one look at her and was like, no. way. She forgot her ticket at her house! And so the wild goose chase began – I texted a few of the girls in our group, and we set off walking back to the buses. The bus ended up taking too long, so we walked to the nearest train station – we JUST missed the train, so we walked the 4-5 blocks to the closest Subte stop. We took the Subte all the way back to her house and she ran up to get her ticket as I walked to the same bus stop – by now it was about 7:15 or so. We got on the same bus, again, and made it back to the stadium and were in our seats by around 8:40. We didn’t miss a single thing! We made it just in time for Miranda, the second opening group. It was a hot mess while it was happening, but we can be sure that we will NEVER forget that experience 🙂

As for the concert – bravo, Ricky! He came out singing, “Será, Será,” one of his newer songs. He went on throughout the concert singing older ones (and some of my personal favorites) such as “La Bomba,” “Pégate,” “Livin’ La Vida Loca,” “Cup of Life,” and lots more! He didn’t talk too much, which is good (because it’s always annoying when you pay for a concert and the artist talks the whole time and sings like 1 song), but when he did – oh, glory. Hearing Ricky Martin speak Spanish is like watching Carolina beat Duke – so, so wonderful. It was great to hear some of the Puerto Rican influence in his songs as well, instead of just all pop music. Just before he exited the stage, the whole crowd was chanting, “Uno más! Uno más!” for one more song. So of course, he wowed us with “Más,” one of his more popular songs off the new album. After he left the stage, nobody moved, since we all knew that he would be right back for his encore. He came out and sang “Lo mejor de mi vida eres tu,” (The Best Thing About Me Is You) to TONS of applause and cheering. Oh, Ricky! Great job! I would most definitely go to his concert again 🙂


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