spice up your life

At last! My quest for authentic and spicy Indian food has been completed!

On Friday night I went to an Indian restaurant with a fellow foodie friend for dinner, and let me tell you – this was the real deal. I have to admit that I was quite impressed that it was actually spicy, which has been one of the big challenges of living in this city. In terms of food points, this weekend scored VERY high 🙂

During the day on Friday, I went to a café with some friends and ate delicious french pastries, and yesterday I met up with my old classmates from elementary school! The two of them that are here for the semester go to NYU and Northwestern, and it’s crazy that the three of us are here at the same time. Of course I ate way too much dessert and dulce de leche, but hey, what are you gonna do?

Aside from food, I did have quite the awkward experience yesterday morning – although awkward situations are nothing new for me, this was one in which I had no idea how to break the tension – it’s hard to be blunt when dealing with strangers. I walked into my kitchen yesterday morning, ready to run out the door to go to the gym, and there were 2 strangers sitting at my kitchen table having breakfast. What? My host family rents out the large room we have a few times a week, but it was 10:30 am on a Saturday morning, and they were eating. They looked maybe about my age, but could have been older. I walked in and stopped straight in my tracks, no clue what to do or say. We all stared at each other for a solid 20 seconds, before I broke the silence with a hi, how are you, to which they responded and then invited me to sit down with them? I went straight to the gym. I figured later that they were probably my host sister’s friends who spent the night after a night out, but it was certainly a very uncomfortable situation – regardless of culture, especially since I had to swallow the first words I was about to say – “Who are you?”

This week is going to be pretty busy! I have 2 big assignments due in 2 weeks, but this weekend I am going to Tilcara, Jujuy (salt flats and mountains) with my program. Then the weekend after that I am going to Mendoza (wine country) for a long weekend! Such a jetsetter, I am.

My birthday is in less than a month, and I’m going to be TWENTY. I will cry on the day I am no longer a teenybopper.


Genevieve (still 19 and loving it!!)


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  1. Sara Yori

    Experiencing different cultures and visiting new places is great! I absolutely love Indian food! so good!
    By the way, being 20 isn’t so bad, trust me! I sure did love being 19 though.

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