make your bon-bon

The only cool thing I did today: made little baby bon-bons!

It is my friend’s birthday tomorrow, and I decided to do a twist on the classic Oreo cream cheese balls that are so loved by many. Instead of Oreos (the classic American chocolate cookie), I used Chocolinas (the classic Argentine chocolate cookie). And instead of the kicker and favorite ingredient being cream cheese, I went with…who wants to take a guess? You’re right! Dulce de amazing, delicious, couldn’t-live-without-it leche 🙂

Crushed up those yummy chocolate cookies, threw an ENTIRE tub of dulce in there, mixed it all up, and then shaped them into bon-bons with spoons and stuck them in the freezer. My family and I had a plate of them after dinner, and they were definitely more of a success than my Argentine take on monkey bread!

What I learned today: Instead of trying to adapt your pre-existent recipes, play with the framework and integrate Argentine ingredients. Use the concept without the specifics. (Is that Cupcake Wars material, or what?)




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