a good day of hooky is hard to find

I know what you must be wondering…a new post at 10:40 am on a Wednesday morning? What is wrong with your schedule? Well, after having last Wednesday off, I decided to skip Wednesday classes for the rest of the semester. Kidding! As you know, tomorrow I am going to Tilcara, Jujuy in the north for the weekend. And I also happen to have a large oral presentation and a rough draft of a big paper BOTH due next Tuesday! So what that really means is that I finally have work, and it’s right before this big trip (with no internet access and long days of activities). I decided to take the day off (don’t worry, I’ve counted my absences – 1 – and it’s more worth it to use today to be productive and do work and go to class next week than to be stressed out when I get back and have to pull an all-nighter).

The catch is that I’m taking the day off to do work. Not so fun. I have a huge paper to do for my service class – big. 12 pages, and none of that namby pamby double-spaced Cambria 12-point font stuff. I’m talking 1.5-spaced, Arial 11 or Times New Roman 12, and a large chunk of my final grade. And this is the sort of class where high school-esque worksheets and quizzes do not exist.

So I woke up this morning, started off the day with dropping off my laundry and a great cup of coffee, and am now sitting in my kitchen at the table with my host sister, both of us typing away! I already wrote my packing list for the weekend, so now the only thing to do is knock out this paper!

Anybody interested in writing a paper on exclusión social?

¡Hasta lunes! I’ll write back after I get back from my long weekend away, with lots of pictures of course 🙂




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