province that parties best? JUJUY!

The above exclamation is a joke that my tour guide told us when we were in Iguazú. As you can probably figure out, this post is alllll about my trip to Jujuy this past weekend. Because we were gone for a whopping 4 days, I’m going to do a quick little bullet-point breakdown of our activities (mostly so I don’t forget them), followed by a plethora of amazing photos!


We left early on Thursday morning and got to Jujuy around 2 in the afternoon, where we had lunch in the hostel (best salad bar I’ve seen in this country yet) and an introduction to the weekend. We had the rest of the afternoon free, and I went with my friend to the market in the town (Tilcara) where we were staying.


On Friday morning, we headed off to Pucara, to do a little bit of hiking, take lots of photos, and see a reconstruction of an archeological site. After seeing cacti, llamas, and unbelievably blue skies, we drove to Humahuaca where we had a delicious lunch accompanied by some lovely live music! After eating too much, we spent the afternoon in Humahuaca, and did some much-needed shopping.

Friday night was the one night that we had to provide dinner for ourselves. About 8 of us headed over to the pueblo to search for a restaurant. We ate at a restaurant called Q’omer (q’omer = comer = to eat), and I had the most delicious salad with figs, quinoa (finally, some hippie food in this country), potatoes, and goat cheese (farm, farm on the range at last!). For dessert were some ridiculously delicious brownies with hot chocolate syrup and hazelnut pieces. While we were finishing up dinner, some musicians came in and entertained us with live music and an insanely long trumpet – it was probably about 8 feet long, and had a curved part where the bell of the trumpet made unreasonably loud elephant sounds in our tiny restaurant. Dinner took us about 3 hours, but it was definitely enjoyable and worth it! Even though we started around 8 and didn’t leave until 11, we definitely got to experience a truly authentic Argentine meal.


On our earliest morning, we hopped on buses right after breakfast and drove for THREE hours to the salinas (salt flats). Despite my fear of heights and the fact that we were driving around and around all the way up a mountain, we got to the flats safely and were given precisely…25 minutes to enjoy them. That was not a typo. Although it was a little bit disappointing to have driven for so long only for a little bit of time, the flats were still super copado (cool) to see! I tasted some of the salt, too – quality stuff, let me tell you. None of that table salt we buy at Harris Teeter.

After doing a quick half-hour photo shoot, we drove down to Purmamarca for lunch and an afternoon of beautiful weather and a hike through the mountains that pictures cannot capture, although I did try.

On Saturday night, which was our last night, our program took us to Peña, where we enjoyed a few hours of live music and dancing some folk dances (which we luckily recalled from our day in the campo)! It got a little bit crowded and rowdy by the end of the night, but it was certainly nice to let loose and get moving before we left!

We left Jujuy on Sunday morning and got back to Buenos Aires Sunday evening, after which I pretended to unpack and went right to bed after dinner.

Clownin’ around

I know this isn’t part of my weekend, but I don’t want to write a whole new blog post about today, so here goes nothing. After my long day of dance classes and service work, I came home to my host nephew Lucas’ 4th birthday party in our living room. There were 2 clowns, a room full of toddlers, and a ridiculously joyous amount of food! I spent a few hours taking pictures and am now settling down in my room to be up for a long while doing work for tomorrow.

This weekend was marvelous! Although this week will be a bit of a kicker, it will all be over on Thursday, and on Thursday night I leave for Mendoza – wine country. Not kidding when I call myself a jetsetter (although in this case I’ll be a bussetter).



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3 responses to “province that parties best? JUJUY!

  1. Katie

    AMAZING!!! Loved the photos– I am so jealous! Salinas looked so cool. and Im surprised you havent had more quinoa– there was a lot of it in Peru. Cant wait to catch up after Wine country. xoxoxo

  2. Genevieve! Not sure if you remember me, but I left a comment on one of your previous posts. I’ve been keeping up with your year de extranjero en Buenos Aires. I’m a Spanish speaker too (thought not a native), and I’ve longed to travel to South America but never invested in the time to study abroad in school (I’m two years out of college). I’ve done plenty of traveling to Spain and Mexico, though. I’m vicariously living abroad a traves de tu blog!

    You write such stimulating entries, and although you are studying dance, I hope that writing remains a strong interest for the rest of your life. You communicate so clearly and with such enthusiasm for things that you love. Keep up the great work!

  3. Mom

    Loved those pictures! The salt does look delicious. Was that you doing the split jump on the salt flat? You must be in great shape. The other photo with your friend holding the 2 dolls, or was it 2 people posed in the distance? Very nice. Love you and miss you. Enjoy life, Live life.

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