an Argentine afternoon

Yesterday was, as my friend and I call it, a quilombo caliente (roughly translated, a hot mess). on Tuesday night, I went out to pizza with some friends after our conversation club (Argentines and Americans, we spend half the time speaking in Spanish and half of it speaking in English). I knew it was probably a dangerous idea because I have to wake up at 7 AM on Wednesdays for my 8 AM dance class. But I figured, what the hey, I should be social. When I got home around midnight (not too bad), I decided I was still going to go to class and it would be fine. When my alarm went off on Wednesday morning, I woke up, and decided to close my eyes for just a moment. A few seconds later, I jolted awake, took a look at my clock and realized that I had TEN minutes to get dressed, eat breakfast, and leave the house! As I booked it to IUNA, I saw that the entire front of the building was blocked off and closed – all classes were cancelled because there was no running water!

The signs said that classes were cancelled “until tomorrow, (date), at NOON.” So I, trying to be a very helpful classmate, posted on the FLACSO Facebook group that all IUNA dance classes were cancelled for yesterday, until today at noon. Rude awakening: the sign was posted the previous day, which means that classes were cancelled THAT day (yesterday) until noon. I then realized, a few hours later, what I’d done, and apologetically posted again, promising cupcakes to anyone who missed their class because of me.

The afternoon was spent with my two best friends, eating too much food and preparing a special surprise for FLACSOpafest (a talent show of sorts for our exchange program). We then received another email about our class from 4-7 on Wednesdays, which had been cancelled! Huzzah! After making many lists and taking in some sun, I went to my one class of the day yesterday, my African dance class.

Despite a quilombo caliente of a morning, the afternoon was quite enjoyable, and we got to relax before tonight’s bus ride to Mendoza! So far, we’ve got a bike/vineyard tour, a possible hike, and more than a few park visits planned 🙂 I won’t be posting until Tuesday, but obviously be prepared for lots of exciting adventures and more than a few pictures, and maybe even a lesson on how wine is made!




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  1. So when are we African dancing together?

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