a peach of a weekend

Oh, the lovely Mendoza! How good you are to me!

This weekend was spent relaxing in naturally hot thermal baths, touring the Andes, biking around vineyards and wine country, and sampling too many olive oils, spreads, and sweet marmalades.

I’ll do what I did for my weekend in Jujuy, but I promise this one will be much shorter!


After getting to Mendoza and checking into our hostel (imagine a house…turned into a hostel), we all got together and had a nice lunch while we planned what we wanted to do for the weekend. After stopping by the tourist information office, we headed back to our hostels and spent a nice relaxing night in.


Early morning and we’re off to the hot thermal baths! Unlike the volcano I went to in Costa Rica, these baths were hot because of tectonic plates. The weather outside was quite grim, and it was drizzling – which made the hot steamy baths that much better!


Another early morning for a full day touring the Andes and plenty of photo ops. Pictures are posted! After a day in the bus, we headed out for a girls’ dinner out (our only one, as we cooked the entire weekend – I don’t want another hot dog for a few weeks) at a nice fancy schmancy Italian restaurant that my friend’s host family recommended to us. We ate way too many rolls with a delicious dipping sauce and lots of olive oil, neither of which we seemed to get enough of. After a delicious and experimental paella, I was gifted a pleasantly light and delicious piece of cake (thank you Abbey, for telling the waiter about my birthday!) which we all shared. YUM! Italian food is great!


Here it is, my favorite day. We woke up and checked out, leaving our luggage in the luggage room in the hostel, and were on our way to Mr. Hugo’s wine and bike tours. We spent the day biking around Mendoza and passing vineyards. We took one wine tour around a vineyard and learned how wine is made. We then continued on to another vineyard that had a beautiful restaurant outside, where we sat and enjoyed some more delicious olive oil and homemade bread and Amber and I shared a dessert. After enjoying some ridiculously beautiful weather (pictures just cannot capture), we went on to an olive oil factory where we continued with the carb-load and enjoyed different spreads, tapenades, olive oils, marmalades, and sweet jams. I bought 2 different things (my dear family, get excited!) – hopefully they’ll both make it back to the states if I don’t eat them while I’m here…

After a lovely weekend away, surrounded by ice cream and olive oil and the Andes, my weekend can be summed up in about one sentence: If Buenos Aires is the Paris of South America, then Mendoza is most certainly the Italy.

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