oh you fancy, huh?

Yesterday was a phenomenal day, and today is no different (although the workload does put a damper on things)! I woke up and spent the morning in, catching up with friends, and awaiting a very important email. In the afternoon, just before I left the house, I got an email from New Student Orientation saying that I’d been accepted as a member of Head Staff! Finding out things like this are what will make it that much easier on me to accept that I have to go home in 2 months, and to not be miserable being back in the states.

The title of this blog post is dedicated to Volta, where 3 friends and I went to eat ice cream yesterday (delicious, delicious, delicious – as the weather gets warmer, bread will be replaced with ice cream). The ice cream shop had 2 stories, an outside patio, and very clean, slim, fancy architecture on the inside. Funny how getting ice cream here can mean sitting in a fancy establishment with white stairs and glass cases, and ice cream in the states means a quick run to Smitty’s or Coldstone.

After ice cream, I spent the afternoon with 2 friends walking around outside and enjoying the beautiful 73-degree weather. I spent the evening bonding with my host family and going with them (and a former student who came to visit) to a show similar to STOMP mixed with dance choreography. Although it was a bright, musical, colorful show, I was exhausted and almost fell asleep a few times (as I went out Buenos Aires style the night before and got very little sleep). Today my goal is to write and finish a paper that is due on Tuesday, so that I can spend time with friends and enjoy this beautiful weather.

As I sit in my living room, in front of the balcony, soaking up sun and the city as I attempt to be productive, I realize how much I’ve finally acclimated to Buenos Aires. I don’t miss the convenience of the United States, and I think I’m learning how to do things – actually do things, not just drive around and buy my own groceries. Take public transportation, quickly and efficiently plan a trip, deal with frustrating situations, make the best out of a bad situation, be ready for and open to anything, finally feel like I really am a member of my Argentine family…it’s a big, bad world out there, and I’m living in it 100%.

Countdown to birthday: 4 days

Countdown to the party my host mom is making me throw (since she refuses to let me be sad about the big 2-0 and my goodbye to the teenybopper era): 6 days

Vocab word of the weekend:

canchero/a – When I asked my host family for a word to describe “sassy,” or “sassypants,” this is what they told me. I really needed this vocabulary word, because it describes me perfectly! I proceeded to tell my host brother that he was also a sassypants, and that is why we get along so well.




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