You prefer Don Omar to Don Juan.

I went to the Don Omar concert last night! It was great fun, he’s good live, and we got back in time for me to get enough to sleep to physically wake up and go to class this morning! I had a blast with my friends. Before the concert I spent the day at the Feria Recoleta gift shopping and eating too much food. Think pan relleno (filled bread) and chocolate-covered, dulce de leche-filled churros (can’t even describe their goodness, Google it please).

To add to my hashtag referring to my South American escapades, here is yesterday’s weather forecast:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So there it is. You know you’re in South America when you encounter an ashy forecast, a street fair and delicious street food, and a reggaeton concert.

All in all, this weekend was a successful one, including the crafty pop-up Mother’s Day card I made for my host mom. Sunday, October 16th was Mother’s Day – so here’s a hug and a smile to any mothers reading this!

T minus 24 hours before I cry myself out of my teens.


Genevieve (the happy 19-year old)


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  1. Mom

    Happy Birthday to my favourite daughter!!!!!!!!!!!. I remember the day, and the most beautifully perfect newborn baby. What a miracle!!!. I am not biased, I have pictures to prove it. May God keep blessing you with the abundance of gifts he has showered on you. Be Grateful, Be happy, Live Life.
    Love you

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