party like it’s 1991

This week has been full of busy birthday activities! On my actual birthday, I walked into the kitchen to find a HUGE (literally, enormous) chocolate cake sitting on the table. I ate 3 pieces that day. Later in the day, my wonderful friends surprised me with more food and pretty gifts!

Yesterday was more of a celebration – I went to Belgrano, one of the newer and nicer parts of the city, for a massage, after which I treated myself to ice cream (new favorite flavor: frutos del bosque, which has berries and a mascarpone ice cream) and spent the afternoon with the Madres.

Right now I am about to venture outside of the capital (I’m terrified) to go to the Montessori Training Center in Pilar to find out more information about their training program as a possible option after graduation. Let’s just hope I get there and back in one piece! I have the phone number of the woman who I’ve been communicating with, so she may be rescuing me from the middle of nowhere! I have much to look forward to today: when I get back from the training center, my 2 best friends here are coming over to help me make yummy treats and get ready for my PARTY, which is tonight! When I walked into my kitchen at 9:30 this morning, my host mom was at working making the filling for empanadas which we’re also going to make!

Registration for Winter Term and Spring Semester is creeping up on me! I can’t believe it’s been 3 MONTHS (exactly 3, today) here! I only have 2 months left…this has been such a fulfilling experience. I’ve already learned so much about myself and the world, and I can’t wait to see how much I grow and learn in the next 2 months!

Happy birthday to me, and happy 3-month anniversary to me and Buenos Aires!




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  1. Mom

    I am glad that you had a Wonderful Birthday even though you were miles away. I am also extremely Grateful to your Host Mom who has been taking such good care of you. We Love You. Waiting to hear about your trip to Pilar.

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