it’s friday, friday (tomorrow is saturday, and sunday comes afterward

On Friday (yesterday), I went to Pilar, Buenos Aires! It is a town about an hour or so outside the capital. I was nervous about venturing outside the capital all alone on a bus, with just my cell phone and bus pass to get me through the day, but it was quite a success!

I got off of the bus in Pilar and walked to the AMI Montessori Training Center to meet with the director and find out some more information about the training, program, and more details. The center itself is located in the middle of a park. If I had to pick one place in Argentina that I’ve been so far that reminds me of Elon, it is most definitely Parque Austral in Pilar. The instant I stepped into the park, I was overcome with the smell of fresh-cut grass, trees lining the whole area, and the sun shining on the sidewalk. The buildings were neat and organized, and there was even a map detailing where everything was. What a conducive learning environment, and the fabulous irony that future educators get to learn in an environment so green and beautiful!

After my meeting with the director, I went on a wild goose chase searching for monedas (coins). The trip to Pilar cost AR$ 8.25, which was more than I had anticipated. Let me just preface this section by saying that there is an extreme coin shortage in Buenos Aires right now, and so finding coins is near impossible – and I had to find EIGHT of them. I went to more than 5 places trying to find coins, and I finally gathered 8.25 in time to go home and prepare for my birthday party!

My friends came over to help me prepare for my party – we made dulce de leche bars, mud pie, and my host mom made empanadas. Thankfully we didn’t have to use the horno (oven – silent “h” – that’s for you, Mom), so after we put the food in the fridge, we were able to relax before everyone got to my house! My host brother took responsibility for the music, and had some pretty great jams going during the whole thing. We left my house to go out around 2 AM (again, normal), and I got home and to bed around 6:30 AM (pretty early for an Argentine night).

me and the ladies, foolin' around!

Today I went to a nice lazy lunch with some friends and then spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in my room, skyping, and vegging out. The last 2 weeks have been so hectic that it was nice to have hours to just sit and do nothing!

Amount of weeks of actual classes: 5

Amount of spring and winter schedule planning done: all

Pieces of cake eaten within the past 3 days: 6

Gratefulness for my amazing host family and wonderful and supportive friends here: so, so much



p.s. Here are some photos from Parque de la Memoria, where I went with the Madres on Thursday!

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One response to “it’s friday, friday (tomorrow is saturday, and sunday comes afterward

  1. Mom

    The parque de la Memoria, looks very modern in design. Its beautiful. The signs and art are very thought provoking.
    Glad you had a wonderful day and didn’t have to turn the “horno” on.
    We love you.

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