bread and jam for frances

Today, I went to a high tea! Or a tea party, as it is more commonly referred to among giggly young girls such as myself. I draw the title of today’s blog from a character named Frances, a sassy little badger who used to make up much of my bookshelf and books on tape as I was growing up. However, the difference between me and Frances is that bread and jam were NOT the only things served at this classy tea event.

The tea included, but was not limited to, crackers and spread, tea, coffee, light finger sandwiches with egg salad and ham, toasted sandwich rolls with ham and cheese, plenty of waffle quarters with choices of toppings ranging from sweet cream to dulce de leche to strawberry jam, and an enormous apple pie.

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After indulging ourselves completely, like any self-respecting high society woman does on a Sunday evening with her lady friends, we sat in the living room for a few hours, digesting our food babies and chatting up a storm (chusmeando, if you will).

All in all, a very successful and relaxing day.

Conclusion of the day: I don’t care if I’m 20 now. I will never EVER be too old to dress up with my friends and have a tea party for no good reason other than an excuse to get sassy and classy.




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  1. I LOVE THIS POST! i miss you so much

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