How To Pick Up A Package

Step one in picking up a package in Retiro, the northeast part of the capital of Buenos Aires: Wear pants. Do NOT wear a skirt. Retiro is like the Chicago of Buenos Aires, and this is what I looked like wandering around in the Windy City all morning:

Step two: Bring a book, music, or something to do. I did all of the above! I spent my THREE HOURS at the international mail center doing the following:


jammin' out,

and translating an article for this fabulous human rights group!

 Step three: Be PATIENT. There was a woman sitting next to me having more than a few cows because the line was not moving quickly enough.

Step four: Once you have your package, calmly proceed to the safest private place to open your wonderful goods (for me, this was my program’s computer lab). Heaven knows, you will be MORE than a little bit excited to open your special package!

Step five: Observe. Appreciate. Love.

This post is dedicated to my friend Katie, who is most amazing! I received a birthday care package from her today that contained a card, Archer Farms trail mix (if you do not understand how amazing this stuff is, go to the nearest Target stat and your wildest dreams will come true, guaranteed), candy, a Disney Princess coloring book (she knows me too well), and more!

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned while being abroad is who my true friends are. Unlike high school, where you may never see your “friends” again, being abroad is quite different. You have the capacity to control who you spend your time with, and this valuable time away has helped me understand which relationships I value most. Part of being abroad means maintaining the relationships you have at home, which brings comfort to the fact that abroad certainly does not (as much as one may wish), in fact, last forever, and that one day we have to come home! Knowing that I have the support of my friends and family does ease my mind when I remember that my semester here is over in 2 months!

For every 3 friends that stop trying because of a problem with proximity, 1 reminds me that I have an unconditional source of strength rooting for me from back home. So here’s a shout-out and a big hug to Katie, Caitlin, Meaghan, Mary, Jordan, Laura, and so many more (you know who you are!), for being the strength that I need as I continue growing and learning so far from home.




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  1. Mom

    Loved the picture! You look so “colorful” almost like “Marilyn Monroe”. Now I know what “windy” really means. We love you. So happy that you have such wonderful friends around. Bring them all over for dinner when they are in town.

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