tears of joy

Oh, boy. For those of you know know how much I love being cheesy, get ready for a huge whopping wheel of Swiss.

On Friday I got a packing slip in my mailbox at FLACSO, so naturally, being the impatient girl that I am, I wanted to go yesterday to pick up my package! Now begins the adventure. Let me start off by saying that it rained yesterday. And it was warm. So that was not fun. After some spring shopping under the humid clouds, I took the 45-minute subway ride the Retiro to go to the international post office. I power-walked right into the post office only to realize that I’d forgotten my passport. Wonderful!

Now, normally, I would’ve been sensible and realized that in the hour and a half until the office closed, I would not have time to make two 45-minute trips, plus the time it takes for me to walk to and from the subway station to get my passport. But no. Following one of the rules on my bucket list, I decided to be less responsible and more spontaneous and risk the trip. As I burst out of there, I was power-walking (we’re talking Olympics potential) towards the subway station, my crazy eyes and frizzy hair, two things that practically define me, were fully activated. I don’t think I’ve ever made a journey that fast. I know I could’ve waited until Monday, but my sorority sisters had sent me a package, and I’d been waiting on it for weeks! So I was getting it NOW. I powered home, powered back, and made it to the post office JUST before it closed (10 minutes, to be exact). I only had to wait an hour before my medium, flat-rate package of 3.3 kg was placed into my very excited and eager arms. I went straight to my friend’s house to open it.

Every so often, someone will go above and beyond and completely surprise you, out of the blue, and remind you how much you are cared for. Somehow, from another continent, more than one someone, over fifteen someones, managed to remind me how much I am cared for. As I sat on the floor, ripping into this package, so eager to see what was inside, I was bombarded with cards, a letter, bags of homemade cookies, CDs, 2 big bags of M&Ms, a trick-or-treat bag with popcorn and M&Ms (we just love that snack!), more cookies, a Seventeen magazine, a coloring book, crayons, crafts, signs, and tons and tons of candy, I started to cry (I told you you were getting a wheel of Swiss today). My friends know me well enough to know that when I laugh much too hard, I cry what we call tears of joy. But these tears really were tears of pure joy.

Seeing cards and letters from so many of my sisters really hit home. I love them, and I know they love me, and having tangible cards and letters and reminders of them was the best gift I could’ve received.

So, without further ado, here are the embarrassing photos of me cheesily opening my care package (please excuse the frizz).

the first thing!

loving my sisters' cards and letters

look at that spread!

hugging my Seventeen magazine...in English!

here come the tears...

a great big hug and thank you to my wonderful, amazing sisters!

So grateful to all the strong, beautiful women that are so supportive to me from so far away.




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