friday night fútbol

Yesterday I went to a soccer game! It was Argentina v. Bolivia, and three of my friends and I all put on our Arg jerseys and hit the cancha (field)!

Although the game wasn’t anything amazing (they tied), it was still a great experience! For one thing, there were LOTS of people. The singing, chanting, cheering, cursing, and yelling was definitely the experience we wanted! There were also 2 adorable little Argentine nuggets sitting behind us, giving great commentary as they cheered for their favorite player (“Messi, Messi, Messi!” every time number 10 had the ball) and criticized the ref (“Papi, me parece que el referee es boliviano…” – Dad, I think the referee is Bolivian…). These spirited little ones (under the age of 7) also surprised us when they got heated and used some select words when things got exciting.

We had great seats, under an awning, out of the sun, with a great view of the field. Although I’m not a huge fan of sports, it was still exciting to see the game and the greats run around. The visiting Bolivian fans were in a section above us, gated in with a fence that also had barbed wire at the top. At the end of the game, all of the Argentine fans left first, and the Bolivian fans had to wait so that there were no riots.

As we were filing out, 2 fans ran out onto the field, and this was a sight to see! We saw 2 skinny men, dressed in Argentina jerseys, running from a group of overweight policemen, one of them with a huge plastic shield (what are they going to do, cheer at you?)! It was actually quite entertaining, and as the men ran, we all cheered for them, and there was an large groan when the cops finally jumped on the men and escorted them off the field.

As if there couldn’t be a better end to a great evening, the girls and I decided to head to Erin’s house for a girls’ night and cook dinner. We were so sporty yesterday – we went to the soccer game, had our own little “pasta party” (our own way of trying to not feel bad about eating so many carbs), and watched Erin’s sister’s senior volleyball game on a live stream!

We definitely had a great experience yesterday, and now I want to go to another soccer game! Not saying that I’ll be dropping everything summer 2014 to go to Brazil for the World Cup, but one step at a time, right?



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