night at the museum(s)

If you ever wondered how the writers of the Ben Stiller movie, “Night at the Museum” came up with the title, it was probably based on Buenos Aires’ Noche de los Museos…just kidding. But honestly, this night is a very interesting concept!

A long list of museums stays open once a year from 8 pm – 3 am with completely free admission to anyone in the city. What my friends and I did was choose the top 4 museums we wanted to go to, plan out a route, and try and hit these 4 museums in a slot of 7 hours (which seems doable, but if you’ve paid any attention to my previous blogs, you know how enormous Buenos Aires is!). The four we chose were the Museo de Ciencias Naturales (Natural Science Museum), Bazar de Magia (basically a Magic Museum), El Museo del Holocausto (the Buenos Aires Holocaust Museum), and the MALBA (a huge art museum that’s famous – not just in Argentina, but in all of Latin America – the South American Louvre, if I may).

We managed to get the Natural Science Museum, the Magic Museum (so not worth it, an hour and a half waiting in line for some parlor card tricks), and the Holocaust museum in by 1 am. By 1 o’clock in the morning, we got to the MALBA and saw that the line was around the block! There was no way we could’ve gotten through the line and to the museum in time to see everything comfortably and enjoyably, so we’re saving that one from another day.

Before the Ben Stiller movie in action, my friend Katie and I lazed around her barrio, having a nice long lunch and enjoying the gorgeous weather we were so blessed to get!

Here are some photos! Enjoy!



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