the monster mash (rash?)

Have no fear, this post does not get graphic! The reason for the title (and my unfortunate rash – don’t worry, it’s NOT gross, just uncomfortable) is mostly because I want to explain a situation related to it. I seem to have had some sort of reaction to something odd that I must have eaten or been exposed to.

The whole point of this short and sweet blog post was to explain my precious host mom. When I explained to her what the rash was (thanks, Dad), she told me she had some aloe I could use. When I came home this afternoon and reminded her about the aloe, she disappeared for a few minutes. She went upstairs to the roof, went and bustled around in the kitchen and entered my room holding this:

Aloe leaves from a plant that is apparently hiding out on my rooftop! I got so excited to have fresh aloe, that of course I couldn’t help but snap a photo and blog about it.

Staying all-natural and hippie – just as I like it!




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  1. Mom

    Glad to know that we thinking along the same lines.

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