summer days, driftin’ away

I cannot believe how fast this semester has gone by! In the blink of an eye, it’s November, and I have less than a month here in Argentina. I am already planning my schedule for the spring, and I have much of it blocked out already on my iCal (and my day planner returns come January). Much of the reason for my quickly passing weekends is that I have long, 4-day weekends each week. I start on Monday wishing it’s Wednesday night, and before I know it, it is and my weekend starts once again. This weekend I spent lazing around my house. On Friday night I got out to go to Amber’s house, where she and her host mom had a few of us over for dinner, as well as Meli and Clari, 2 FLACSO coordinators. We had a blast, and I got home around 1 am (relatively early, as you may remember). Yesterday I also spent lazing around and finishing off the rest of my M&Ms from my care package (fall colors – thanks, Laura!), and in the afternoon I went to my friend Katie’s house to spend an afternoon outside on her terrace. We made yummy peach smoothies, and then for dinner cooked rice noodles with cream sauce and rice pudding! Seeing as we are both foodies, we always come up with something delicious to eat.

And now it’s Sunday already! Tomorrow I have 2 dance finals at IUNA, Tuesday I have my Grammar final, and on Wednesday I have my last day of African dance, because on THURSDAY I go to URUGUAY for a week! We’re spending 4 of them at Punta del Este, a lovely beach town rumored to be more than spectacular, 2 of them in Montevideo, and the last day in Colonia on our way back to Buenos Aires. I am so excited! I know it doesn’t seem like I’ve been doing tons of work, but I haven’t been out of the city in SIX weeks (since Mendoza), and the travel bug is back!

This morning I woke up and made eggs and toast while I was brewing 2 large pitchers of sweet tea – sweet tea is what defines summer for me, and so that whole action just reminded me how fast time has passed here. Remember the nights I would spend shivering in my alpaca sweater? Now I can’t even look at my sweaters, and I only have one sheet on my bed. The fan will be out soon, and ice cream is my new staple – yet another reason I love the summer.




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