busy, busy bumblebees

As I have less than 2 weeks left here, my friends and I planned out every single day for the rest of the semester in order to ensure that we are not alone with our sad thoughts for too long, and to make sure that we really make the best out of the time we have left here! Yesterday’s menu included a stellar trip to La Boca and a delicious dinner out with my friend Sarah’s parents who are visiting her! After that I went out with my friend who is leaving on Tuesday!

Today, we started off at 1 with a trip to the Feria de Mataderos, which is an artisanal fair that I’ve been to once before. All gifts are officially checked off the list! The Feria (which included music, delicious fresh fruit juice, and homemade ice cream) was followed by mass at 6 pm with Erin. It was sad to think that this was our last mass in Buenos Aires!

Although we packed our schedules, we made sure to make time for the evenings we spend with our host families. My evenings at home and my time (although often limited) with my host family provide many of the memories I will come home with. Today was an exceptionally good evening. After mass I came home and sat in the kitchen while my host mom was talking on the phone. Now, my host mom is an extremely busy woman! She is always on the go and is always doing something cool and important. She hasn’t had much time this semester to just sit and relax for a while, but today proved to be pleasantly different. After hanging up the phone, she sat with me for over an hour at the table, as we joked, laughed, and discussed.

These are the moments that I cherish and that I’ll remember when people ask me about my experience abroad. Despite how busy I am, my host family and I still somehow manage to bond. I’ve already cried a few times because I know I’ll miss my friends – so I’m definitely avoiding thinking about leaving my family.




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  1. Mom

    I am glad you have had such a wonderful experience with your friends and your host family. Its always the people that we miss, the shared experiences. I am sure you will find a way to go back sometime later and visit, and come back with differenct experiences and remembrances. I am also glad that you have made the most of your time there. xox,Mom

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