the best days

You never know the best days until they’re over, and today was a great day.

This morning I had breakfast with my friend Katie, who is leaving Buenos Aires tomorrow. I was pleasantly surprised after going down to the Spanish department floor that I received a 10 in my Grammar class! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the grading system here, the grades go from 1-10, and 10 is the highest you can get. Essentially, I got a 100% in Grammar! I absolutely love grammar, and I loved my class, so this just made my day that much better. 🙂

Then, after doing an evaluation of my program, Amber and I headed to the Manzana de las Luces (“Tunnel of Lights”), where we had a short tour. We zoned out during the tour, but at the end, we were at the back of a passageway that was converted into a market/antiques area. We were standing in front of a table where an old woman was talking to a couple. We soon joined in the conversation. The woman, Elmasa, had original, hand-drawn sketches strewn all over the table, complete with poetry and quotes. She recited at least three poems by us, and knew so many of them by memory – Neruda, Borges, Lorca, you name it, she knew it, and she recited them with emotion and flair! After the couple left, Amber and I stood talking to her for a while longer. We bought a couple of her original bookmarks, and of course didn’t leave until we had a few pictures with this dear old woman.

After checking out our free tour and our better spontaneous exchange with an old soul, Amber and I sat in the Plaza de Mayo for a bit, relocated to the steps of the Cathedral, and took a little stroll down Calle Florida, a huge street known for its shopping. As we discussed during this time period, only in Buenos Aires can you do things that swiftly and smoothly without a break in your schedule, because only in an enormous city are those 3 things so close to each other! After accidentally shopping a little bit, we met up with Erin and the three of us ventured into the Café Tortoni, which is a famous café where Borges used to go (and I absolutely love Borges!). We had a very late (therefore Argentine) lunch around 4 pm, after which I headed home and spent some time in my house and eating dinner with my family.

Lots more to do tomorrow, but it will be a more relaxing day! Picnic in the park with salad for lunch, hopefully lots of mate, and the final goodbye dinner put on by our program!

(Pictures will be posted as soon as I get enough to make it worth uploading them all.)




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