girls just wanna have fun

This post is dedicated to my wonderful friends that I have here. I know all you readers see is just names and a few pictures without much description, but I think, because of my last few days, they deserve a little recognition in my blog (although they will probably protest the photos I chose…but I wanted to get some personality in there as well)! So, without further ado, meet some of the cheeks (short for chicas – oh yes, I went there) who have totally made my experience in Buenos Aires (sorry, Sam, this post is girls-only).


This is Abbey! Sweet and silly, we traveled far and wide together, to destinations including Mendoza and Bariloche. Favorite pastimes together include long bus rides, cooking meat, being strange and quirky, and getting MUCH too excited about anything grammar-related, especially subjunctive and “si” clauses.


This is sweet Amber! From the day we bonded, power-walking frantically to our subway stops so we’d get home before it got dark, we’ve been inseparable! Put two, long-haired, ethnic, and silly girls together and you will certainly never be bored. We’ve done more things together that can be counted, but memorable moments include making bad, burnt brownies, constantly sucking down 1/4 kilos of ice cream, trying to force photo shoots, and playing unforgettable games of subtle ugly.


Sassy Amy is most definitely the grandma of our group! With hilarious and witty little comments, there was never a dry moment with this one. If she wasn’t being a grandma, she was probably telling us about the grandma she lived with. Favorite pastimes include discussing our grandma-ness, housewifery, and making strange faces in public places.


Oh, funny Eri (I didn’t forget the “n”)! I guarantee you she is not happy that this photo is on here, but it seems to capture everything that is this tall, spunky friend of mine. Complete with full musical ability and what I’m told are amazing tap skills, this funny one certainly knows how to spice up a dull situation. Memories include singing for 3 hours on a bus ride, dancing for a few more hours on a different bus ride, being extremely late to a Ricky Martin concert, reviewing Spanish vocabulary, and singing, “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” in Spanish in a public place.


This curly girl is probably one of the quirkiest and most ridiculously hilarious girls I’ve ever met in my entire life. At any given random moment, Patty will bust out with an unbelievable story involving burgers, Starbucks, or ambidextrous experimentation. Constantly keeping us entertained, and making us laugh until we cry and stop breathing, Patty’s personality certainly lives up to anyone’s curly-girl expectations. Ridiculous memories include a morning at the salon, a plethora of curly-hair-don’t-care photos, and excessive amounts of sunscreen on our faces.


She may look sweet (and she is), but Sarah is also one sassafrassy chick! Bonding over the similarities between Georgetown and Elon and sassiness, this Californian friend of mine always has a sassy addition to the conversation. In case I didn’t use the word “sassy” enough, favorite pastimes of ours include being sassy (and sometimes a bit bougie), speaking Spanglish, and laughing much too hard.

So, there they are! This group of spunky ladies has certainly added to my experiences here, and given me so much more than laughter and fun trips – they have been a support system. From sunning to salon-ing to always eating, we’ve spent so much time together, and they’ve definitely added to this most amazing experience to remember. ¡Las amo!




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