Next up: Scandinavia

It’s that time of year again – where I grab my passport, camera, and head out into the world to see what foods I can eat, people I can watch, and sights I can see. This year, I’ll be spending 17 days going to Finland (Helsinki), Stockholm (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), and Oslo (Norway). It’s always been a bucket list item to go to Norway, and for some reason I decided that I don’t like money all that much anyway, so hey, why not add some more of the most expensive countries in the world? That being said, I much prefer spending my money on experiences than things (I say this while typing on a very old computer that dies when not plugged in).

There are a few things that will make this trip particularly different than my Amsterdam trip:

  • Local hosts. I am not staying at a hotel this time, but rather, using Airbnb to stay with locals in each country (with the exception of a layover I have in Iceland). I hope that this will add to the experience and that my hosts will have some nice suggestions of what to do.
  • No daily itinerary. That’s right. Believe what you just read. I, Planner of All The Things, Organizer Extraordinaire, Lover of Type A-ness, do not have an itinerary. There are a few things that I would like to do in each city (who could miss the Pippi Longstocking or ABBA museums?), but other than that, I’m going to just…go with the flow? Here’s to trying out this new life thing where I don’t plan every detail of every day and see what life brings to me. You can be certain that it will be uncomfortable for me at times.
  • Lengthy trip. At this point, 2 days before I leave, I’m feeling just a little silly about my second ever solo trip being 3 times the length of the first one. There really isn’t much more to say about it – oh, well! The flights have been booked!
  • Just 1 backpack. Is all I’m taking with me. As in, a carry-on (and not a backpacker’s backpack – a school-sized backpack). 1 backpack, 4 outfits, 1 camera, no hairspray. I’m going to travel, not lug stuff around Europe. Honestly, my biggest concern (as usual) is how many books I’ll be able to bring with me.

So bring on the pastries, potatoes, and fish, Scandinavia! I’m ready for you (I think).


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  1. Vieve!!! This trip sounds amazing!!! I can not wait to hear about it!!! What clothes are you packing with you?? Maybe we can have a debrief about our trips next month?! Sending you lots of love and wishes for an amazing adventure in Scandinavia!! ❤


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