“Can I put some more löyly?”

I have arrived! I reached Helsinki at about 7:30 this morning,  after about 3 hours of sleep. I very slowly made it to my Airbnb, where my host kindly greeted me with options to have coffee and porridge. Needless to say, I was soon eating after a shower. My host, Rose, told me that there was a nice park behind the building, so I took my journal and set up camp there for about an hour. I bought some groceries and took myself out to lunch at a Nepalese restaurant (of which there are many), and did what every sensible traveler does – got myself properly lost (calm down, it was intentional) and found my way back so that I could get a bearing for Helsinki. I ended my day at Löyly, a new sauna that has both smoke and stone saunas, as well as stairs leading into the water (the word löyly refers to the steam that rises off of hot stones in thr sauna when you pour it onto them – remember, the Finns invented saunas! Geniuses). As in the ocean. As in the Baltic Sea. Normally I would’ve been too chicken to do this, but when with Finns…
And let. Me. Tell. You. Until you have felt the contrasts between sweating out of more pores than you thought existed, seeing the steam rise off of your body when you step outside into the cold and rainy weather, and feeling the pain of icy cold water (I actually cried aloud) – I tell you, you haven’t lived, my friend! A standard visit at Löyly is 2 hours, but I could have stayed all day. The Finns, they really know how to sauna. While there, I was chatting with a Finnish man and his American daughter, both of whom gave me some lovely suggestions of things to do, to go along with some other suggestions I’d gotten from another local. Tomorrow…we’ll see!


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  1. OD

    That’s Loyly!!! Have fun.

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